With a touch of spirituality, Bobby Brown names his daughter Bodhi
With a touch of spirituality, Bobby Brown names his daughter Bodhi

It seems like Bobby Brown and his wife are getting closer to the Buddha as the couple has named their new born baby girl Bodhi.

'Ashoka Samrat' gets 'Game of Thrones' touch in story
'Ashoka Samrat' gets 'Game of Thrones' touch in story

While American fantasy show “Game of Thrones” is known for various illegitimate affairs and deaths in its day-to-day episodes, popular Indian historical drama show “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” will next witness a similar kind twist in its storyline!

Protein responsible for sense of touch identified

Solving a neuroscience mystery, researchers, including Indian-origin scientist Sanjeev Ranade, have identified the protein receptor that mediates the sense of touch in mammals.

How the brain learns from touch

People have learned to gather information from touch and researchers have now found how complex tactile sensations from the skin are coded at the cellular level in the brain.

Five simple steps for feather soft hands

Get a compliment on your next handshake!

Learn how we recognise a gentle touch

A reassuring pat on the back by your senior colleague can make your day in the same way as a nurturing touch by a mother can stop her baby from crying.

Decoded: Skin cells that sense touch

In a ground-breaking research, scientists have resolved the age-old mystery of touch - how cells just beneath the skin surface enable us to feel fine details and textures.

Infants `sensitive to pleasant touch`

Researchers have suggested that infants show unique physiological and behavioral responses to pleasant touch, which may help to cement the bonds between child and parent and promote early social and physiological development.

Kiefer Sutherland returns to TV in Fox’s ‘Touch’

The show, entitled ‘Touch,’ is centered around a father`s relationship with his mute 11 year-old son.

Now, touch clothes while online shopping!

Shoppers will be able to digitise the look and feel of clothes and share the details online.

Rescued Pak sailors touched by India`s `love`

Five Pakistani sailors, who are put up
in a police station in south Mumbai after being rescued from
the seas today said they were touched by the "love, kindness
and help" extended to them in India.

Soon, operate your iPhone by simply touching the palm of your hand!

Researchers have developed an ‘imaginary phone’ that lets you keep your phone in your pocket and use apps or answer calls by tapping your hand.

Kiefer Sutherland may return to TV

The actor is in preliminary talks to play the lead role in ‘Touch’.

Birds use feathers ‘to touch’, say experts

Experts may have come one step closer to explaining the evolution of ornamental feathers in birds.