New research allows for shatterproof smartphone screens

Researchers have developed a transparent electrode that paves the way for shatterproof smartphone touchscreens.

Touchscreens replacing toys as kids` favourite play things

A new survey suggests that kids nowadays play with touchscreens more than toys.

New wearable device turns your palm into touch screen

A new gesture-based wearable transmitter that turns your palm into a touch interface has been developed by an Indian IT-start up.

Touch display projected on mist may soon replace physical screens

A Russian designer has developed a screen-free display made from mist and air.

Disney invents technology to `feel` texture of objects on touchscreen

Researchers at Disney`s Lab have reportedly invented a new technology, using which, people can `feel` the texture of objects displayed on a touchscreen through tiny vibrations.

Now, turn your desk into touchscreen with new tech

Scientists have developed a new technology that can enable you to turn almost any surface into a touchscreen with just a wave of your hand!

Touchscreen prototype with appearing and disappearing keys unveiled

A California based company has come up with a prototype Android tablet that has an appearing and disappearing haptic feedback user interface at a user’s command.

Soon, touchscreen that works inside your pockets too

Researchers have developed a prototype for a touchscreen that can allow its users to send text messages even when it is kept inside a jacket.

Apple working on universal touchscreen remote

A patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office Thursday showed that Apple is working on a universal touchscreen remote capable of controlling multiple devices.

‘Skinput’ can turn your arm into a touchscreen!

Annoyed with the tiny touchscreens on today’s mobile devices? Well, your forearm can now solve that problem by becoming a part of a skin-based interface that effectively turns your body into a touchscreen, say scientists.