US Patent Office cancels Washington Redskins trademark

The US Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday cancelled the federal registration of the Washington Redskins` name after it agreed that it is "disparaging of Native Americans."

Zynga asked to change logo following Scrabble trademark row

Online social game maker Zynga has reportedly won the Scrabble trademark row but will be required to change the logo of its `Scramble With Friends` word game.

Pharrell Williams hits back at over `I Am` trademark feud

Pharrell Williams has reportedly hit back at, saying that has not achieved the same distinction as him at all, after the latter filed a lawsuit over the trademark ‘I Am’.

Duchess of Cambridge gets her title trademarked

The Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton - has had her Royal title trademarked so that one of her official charities can use her name on a wide range of goods and services.

Donald Trump reveals secrets of his trademark hairstyle

Trump has also refuted the popular notion that his hairstyle was a classic ‘comb-over’.

Jay-Z sued for trademark infringement

Roc Nation has been sued for trademark infringement over their diamond logo.

Julian Assange seeks to register name as trademark

Trademark attorney specialist Abida Chaudri said the application was logical.

Russian spy Chapman registers her name as trademark

Russian spy Anna Chapman has registered her name as a trademark to cash in on her growing popularity since she was deported in a Cold War-style swap last year.

Facebook to patent the word `face`?

It may sound ridiculous at first, but Facebook is planning to trademark the word `face`.

SC seeks reply from Montblanc in trademark infringement case

The Supreme Court has issued notice to German luxury brand Montblanc Simplo GMBH on a petition filed by a Mumbai-based firm that has been charged of infringing on the former`s trademark.

McDonald`s loses trademark fight against McCurry

McDonald`s has lost an
eight-year trademark battle against the Malaysian restaurant
McCurry, which serves Indian food.