Beijing launches app to reduce traffic congestion

From August, Chinese capital Beijing will promote a cellphone app that is likely to help address minor accidents and consequently reduce the city's notorious traffic congestion.

Seven killed in Pakistan road accident

 At least seven people, including a woman, were killed and 11 injured on Friday after a passenger bus plunged into a ditch in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir`s Rawlakot district.

Delhi's most dangerous flyovers

Delhi tops the country in fatal road accidents and in number of pedestrians and cyclists falling victim, says report.

Bad roads killing more people than poor health: Study

Whenever you read about news related to traffic accidents and deaths on Indian roads, realise that bad roads put more people at risk in some countries than three leading causes of death worldwide - cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Now, a system that helps detect when drivers fall asleep behind the wheel

Latest advances in capturing data on brain activity and eye movement are being combined to develop a system, which can help detect when drivers are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel.