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Iran situation a train wreck: McCain

US Sen John McCain says he is disappointed with his party`s presidential candidate for sidestepping world affairs in his campaign for the White House.

Train hits truck in South Africa, 30 people killed

The truck carrying about 50 farm workers reportedly crossed onto the tracks and collided with a high-speed train.

Dutch train `passed stop signal before collision`

A double-decker intercity train collided with a commuter train on Saturday evening, throwing passengers through carriages.

Investigation under way into Amsterdam train crash

Two separate investigations will focus on whether human error or a mechanical fault led to the two trains winding up on collision course.

Trains collide in Amsterdam, 125 injured

One of the trains involved in the crash serves the cities of Den Helder and Nijmegen, while the other runs between Amsterdam and Uitgeest.

Argentines discover 51st victim in train wreck

Argentina`s third deadly train accident in less than a year has focused attention on the dilapidated passenger rail system.

Argentine train crash was avoidable: Official

Auditor General Leandro Despouy said Trains of Buenos Aires company had been failing safety requirements since 2002.

Eva Mendes seeing counsellor to avoid ‘train wreck’

Eva Mendes has revealed that she has been seeing a counsellor for the last eight years to avoid becoming a Hollywood ‘train wreck’.