Pakistan for peaceful democratic transition in Afghanistan

Pakistan today said it supported peaceful democratic transition in neighbouring Afghanistan as threats of instability loom large over the outcome of the disputed preliminary election results.

Sushant Singh Rajput`s success inspires TV actors: Aditya Redij

Sushant Singh Rajput`s successful transition from small to big screen inspires his friend, fellow actor Aditya Redij, who feels the actor`s success is a very positive sign for TV stars.

`Pakistani MPs` oath taking marks historic transition`

The oath taking by newly elected members of the National Assembly "sets the seal on the historic transition" from one civilian government to another, said a Pakistani daily Monday.

N Korea transition smooth, economy the real test

Rumors swirled in markets this month about a possible coup in North Korea, but the South dismissed them as groundless.

Karzai announces second wave of Afghan transition

The announcement means that more than 50 per cent of
Afghanistan will soon be under the control of local forces.

African Union calls for `inclusive` transition in

The AU has opposed the NATO air raids against Gaddafi and repeatedly called for dialogue between the Libyan leader and
the rebels.

NATO hands over first province to Afghan police

NATO has handed over control of the central Afghan province of Bamiyan to Afghan security forces.

Start of Afghan transition on track for July: NATO

Afghan President said in March that 7 areas would be included in the initial phase of transition.

Busy Nadal starts transition phase

The six-time champion at Roland Garros said the challenge of adjusting from clay to grass courts in time for Wimbledon had left him with little time to relax.

US urges Yemen to move to swift transition

Yemen`s government should seize on President Ali Abdullah Saleh`s absence to bring about a swift and peaceful handover of power, the United States suggested.

Yemen`s Saleh rejects US calls for quick transition

Yemeni President vowed to stay on and defend his people "by all means".

African mediators in Libya amid NATO air strikes

African Union delegation arrived in Libya to try to negotiate a truce between Gaddafi`s forces and rebels seeking to oust him.

US pledges $150 mn to help Egypt`s transition

US has urged Egypt`s military rulers to push ahead with plans for reforms.

Egypt transition vital for Mideast peace: UN chief

Ban Ki-moon notes Egypt has been playing strategic role in Mideast peace.

Hillary calls for `orderly transition` in Egypt

US secretary of state refuses to speculate on the future of Egypt`s leader.

NATO to decide by March on Afghan transition

NATO and the Afghan government
will decide in March on the first provinces where
responsibility for security will be transferred to government