WHO asks countries to remain alert on MERS

The WHO on Tuesday asked countries to ensure better surveillance and remain on alert against any possible outbreak of the deadly MERS, amid a spike in cases in South Korea over the weekend.

RoomsTonite mobile app offers 24x7 assistance

Last-minute hotel booking mobile application RoomsTonite has unveiled a 24x7 assistance service to help travellers with enquiries and meet their needs at pre-stay, during stay and post-stay.

Travellers using antibiotics can trigger superbug spread

A study has revealed that taking antibiotics for diarrhea may put travellers visiting developing parts of the world at higher risk for contracting superbugs and spreading these drug-resistant bacteria to their home countries.

Snow leaves thousands of holidaymakers stranded in French Alps

Heavy snowfall in the French Alps left some 15,000 drivers stranded Saturday, prompting officials to open emergency shelters and urge travellers to stay home.

Urban Indian travellers venture forth on rural trails
Urban Indian travellers venture forth on rural trails

From visits to centuries-old villages to experiencing forest trails to participating in village festivals and carrying out traditional day-to-day agricultural activities, the urban tourist is going rural these days.

Britain to conduct Ebola screening among travellers

Britain will conduct enhanced screening for Ebola among people traveling from countries affected by the disease, Downing Street announced Thursday.

New social media trend – Naming and shaming worst plane passengers

People who frequently fly often meet passengers who may be irksome or who have some terrible manners. Their behaviour often leaves fellow passengers and the airline staff uncomfortable and disconcerted.

Tourist police to look after security of visitors to Bengal

To make West Bengal a more tourist-friendly destination, the state tourist department is teaming up with the police to create a dedicated security force to look after the security of travellers.

`Travellers with Net access increasingly use mobiles, tabs`

Travellers having Internet access are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to get information about tourist destinations and make payments online, says a Goolge study.

Katie Price denies anti-social neighbour claims

Katie Price has denied allegations that she has been anti-social towards itinerant travellers camping near her residence.

14 travellers killed after Nigeria bus robbery

Robbers stopped an overnight bus early Tuesday and made passengers disembark.

Israeli travellers to India warned of possible terror attack

India, Thailand, Greece & Turkey are potential targets for a terror attack.

Indian tourism industry targets gay, travellers

Gay and lesbian tourists are big spenders and vacation savvy.

US seeks to scan travellers at Pakistani airports

The US wanted Pakistan to give it access to the Passenger Name Record.

Christmas eve chaos for travellers in Europe

Thousands of travellers stranded in Europe as heavy snowfall forced several flights to be cancelled.

US announces new measures to strengthen aviation security

Superseding emergency measures
put in place following a foiled terrorist attack on a US-bound
aircraft on December 25, the country on Friday announced enhanced
security measures for all international carriers to strengthen
passengers` safety.

Big freeze kills at least 80 across Europe

The death toll from winter storms across Europe rose to at least 80 on Monday as transport chaos spread amid mounting anger over the three-day failure of Eurostar high-speed trains.

Travellers give thumbs up to India as a global brand

It`s not just arts and culture or
history that makes India popular, but also its way of doing