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Secret clocks in tree rings could exactly date ancient events

Scholars believe that intense solar storms caused major bursts of radiation to strike the Earth in 775 and 994AD, which resulted in distinct spikes in the concentration of radiocarbon in trees growing at that time. 

Plankton shells can reveal climate change from millions of years ago

A new research has found that climate changes from millions of years ago are recorded at daily rate in ancient sea shells.

Tree rings help forecast extreme climate

An analysis of tree-rings can enable scientists to get an insight into the past and forecast extreme weather events.

Tree rings can tell region’s ancient fire history

Trees can provide secrets about past events, and their rings can especially yield key information about fires.

700 years of Asian monsoons mapped via tree rings

By analysing tree-ring data from more than 300 sites in Asia, researchers could piece together a year-by-year history of the region’s monsoon rains as far back as 1300 AD.

CO2 in tree rings can reveal past climate information

The analysis of carbon and oxygen isotopes embedded in tree rings can reveal information about past climate events, Canadian scientists have claimed.