Trees on RTR Marg: NGT member to inspect area for compliance

Anguished over the way in which its order to transplant trees to widen a South Delhi road was being implemented, the National Green Tribunal today held officials of the Public Works Department and other agencies responsible and warned of deducting their salaries.

Delhi government to appoint agency for tree census

Delhi government to appoint an independent agency to conduct an "impartial" census of trees in the national capital.

'Cutting down of trees must be compensated with plantation'

The state's development was possible only through economic growth and by preserving quality of the environment.

Trees get identity cards in Kolkata suburb

Just like humans, trees too now have identity cards in a Kolkata suburb. As part of a project by Konnagar Municipality to evaluate the crucial role trees play in combating climate change, the authorities have issued identity cards for 28 varieties of trees.

Deconcretisation of trees: NGT slams DDA over delay in report

The National Green Tribunal on Thursday rapped the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for not submitting report on deconcretisation of trees in the capital, even when five panels were formed to monitor the matter over a year ago.

CPI-M plants trees in Tripura to mark party leader's centenary

In a unique move, leaders and members of the ruling CPI-M planted over 163,000 saplings across Tripura to mark the birth centenary of former chief minister Dasaratha Deb, a party official said on Thursday.

Reports reveal higher number of trees in the world than previous estimates
Reports reveal higher number of trees in the world than previous estimates

According to the most comprehensive census yet of global forestation, there are slightly more than three trillion trees in the world, a figure that overshadows previous estimates.

Andhra Pradesh targets to plant 5 crore trees in next five years

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu Friday said the government targets to plant five crore trees in the next five years through various plantation programmes.

'Nakshatra Vatikas' to be developed in Madhya Pradesh schools

Keen to educate students about constellations and properties of trees, the Madhya Pradesh government will develop 'Nakshatra Vatikas' in government schools.

NGT directs GDA to pay Rs 5 lakh for felling 12 trees

The National Green Tribunal has imposed a cost of Rs 5 lakh on Ghaziabad Development Authority for cutting 12 trees for construction of 17.6 km-long cycle track.

NGT orders ban on cutting trees near Taj Mahal

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed the Uttar Pradesh government to ensure that no unauthorised construction activities are permitted and no trees cut in the eco-sensitive zone near the Taj Mahal.

HC raps govt for no details of trees supplied to crematoriums

The Delhi High Court today rapped the city government for the failure of its forest department to give details of the amount of wood consumed in crematoriums in the national capital and the number of trees that have been cut which were then supplied to them.

UP denies tree felling in Taj eco zone, NGT directs enquiry

The National Green Tribunal has directed an inquiry into the alleged illegal felling and sale of 4,000 trees in the eco-sensitive zone near the Taj Mahal.

Govt to convert 90,000 kms NH into green corridors

The government will convert 90,000 kms of country's national highways into green corridors, for which it is planning to create at least 1,000 contractors responsible for planting trees.

Officials summoned over tree felling in McLeodganj

Acting tough against the illegal felling of trees in McLeodganj, the abode of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has summoned top government officials next month.

Delhi govt hikes security deposit for cutting tree

 In a major move aimed at preserving the capital's green cover, the Delhi government on Friday announced a substantial hike in the security deposit for cutting trees, amounting to more than 100 per cent in case of commercial projects.

World Environment Day: Spiritual group plants 10 million trees
World Environment Day: Spiritual group plants 10 million trees

A spiritual group said on Friday that it had achieved its 2011 target of planting 10 million trees across the country.

British designer growing trees into furniture

Deep in the English countryside, there`s a bizarre sight: rows of trees being grown into upside-down chairs, slowly taking shape over years of careful nurturing. Around 150 armchairs, 100 lampshades and other items including mirror frames are being grown out of the ground in a highly unusual adventure in furniture design.

Rise in CO2 ups water-use efficiency of trees

The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration has led to trees using their available water resources more efficiently, says a new research.

Rapid decline of trees in Amazon rainforest dramatically changing climate
Rapid decline of trees in Amazon rainforest dramatically changing climate

 A new study has revealed that one-tenth of trees have been removed by human activities from Amazon rainforest since 1960s that has led to the climate change.