NGT issues notice to HP govt over illegal felling of trees

 The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Friday took suo moto notice of alleged illegal felling of over 450 trees at Tara Devi temple complex, 10-Km from here and issued notice to the Himachal Pradesh government, officials said.

NGT notice to Himachal over illicit felling of trees

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has taken suo moto cognisance of the illicit felling of over 450 trees on the outskirts of Shimla, an official said Friday.

'Protect trees for ecological balance& environmental security'

Welfare and Tourism Minister P Rajavelu today stressed the need to protect trees so that there could be ecological balance and environmental security.

Complete deconcretisation within one week: NGT to authorities

Observing that trees are the lungs a city, the National Green Tribunal has directed authorities to complete deconcretisation work in four Delhi colonies within a week.

Killer fungus that grows on trees

A teenaged girl has helped scientists discover that a deadly fungus that generally attacks HIV/AIDS patients grows on trees.

`Protect trees for ecological balance& environmental security`

Welfare and Tourism Minister P Rajavelu today stressed the need to protect trees so that there could be ecological balance and environmental security.

How bats track their targets in cluttered scenes revealed

A study has provided a new insight into how bats focus on their targets such as bugs through the trees in the dark of night.

Trees saving 850 human lives a year in US: Study

Trees are saving more than 850 human lives a year and preventing almost 670,000 incidences of acute respiratory symptoms, says an estimate of air pollution removal by trees in the US by the US Forest Service scientists and collaborators.

Himachal streamlines timber distribution policy

A new policy by the Himachal Pradesh government to allot trees, instead of timber or wood, at subsidized rates for constructing or repairing houses has streamlined the process in the state, an official said.

Soon, trees to deliver high-power storage devices

In a major breakthrough, scientists have found a novel way to make high-tech energy storage devices from your neighbourhood tree.

Humans drove orangutans to leave trees for ground

Our male ancestors inspired orangutans to get down from the trees and spend more time on the ground to help them cope better with the forest degradation challenges, finds a study.

Crocodiles are capable of climbing trees

Researchers have found that crocodiles, who in most people`s opinion just waddle on the ground or wade in water, can climb trees as far as the crowns.

SC allows cutting down 38 trees in Taj Trapezium Zone

The Supreme Court allowed the Agra Municipal Corporation to cut down 38 trees in the protected area of Taj Mahal under the Taj Trapezium Zone but directed it to plant thrice the number of trees in the compound or nearby areas.

Trees cut in Megamalai hill, admits Conservator of forests

The Conservator of Forests of Madurai Circle has admitted in Madras High Court Bench here that trees had been felled in the Megamalai hill area for conversion of coffee plantation into tea planation.

Large, older trees grow faster and store more carbon than younger ones

A new study has revealed that the growth of most trees accelerates as they age, which suggests that large, old trees may play an unexpectedly dynamic role in removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Climate scientists bark up the big tree

Despite their greater age, big, old trees do more than small, young ones to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, said a study that explores how well forests slow global warming.

Forest dept asked to count trees from Vikaspuri to Janakpuri

The National Green Tribunal Tuesday directed the forest department of Delhi government to give an exact count of trees on the Vikaspuri to Janakpuri stretch here on outer ring road where an elevated road would be coming up.

Trees `shield vulnerable flora species from climate change`

Forests featuring dense canopies develop a microclimate that protects many cold-adapted plant species from climate change, a new study has shown.

Chimps use long-term memory to forage for food

A team of scientists have determined that chimpanzees use long-term memory for remembering the size and location of fruit trees and feeding experiences from previous seasons using a memory window that can be from two months to three years ago.

Trees felled with due permission: Delhi Metro tells NGT

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has refuted before the National Green Tribunal the allegation of "avoidable felling of 700 trees" for construction of its line from Mundka in Delhi to City Park in Bahadurgarh, Haryana.