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Know how a single click online can ruin your life!

Know how a single click online can ruin your life!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Technology has made the world a smaller place to live in - bringing shopping marts, banking, entertainment, and above all—your friends and relatives closer to you.

Israel military networks breached by hackers: Researchers

Hackers have managed to penetrate computer networks associated with the Israeli military in an espionage campaign that skillfully packages existing attack software with trick emails, according to private security researchers.

Banking passwords stealing virus prowling in Indian cyberspace

Banking passwords stealing virus prowling in Indian cyberspace

Cyber security sleuths have alerted e-banking users in the country against the infectious and destructive activity of a "worm" virus which attacks and steals personal login secrets and passwords of an individual.

Porn-based malware on Facebook infects thousands of accounts in two days

 A porn-based malware on Facebook is believed to have affected over 1,10,000 accounts in the past two days that dupes users into clicking on an adult link that infects their computers with a Trojan to hijack vital parts.

SpyEye malware case: Russian man pleads guilty in US court

A Russian man has pleaded guilty in a US court to conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, the US Department of Justice said last week.

FBI to block web in 350,000 computers worldwide

The "internet blackout" will take place July 9, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

'Friend request' on Facebook can be cyber attack

Cyber fraudsters targetted users of social networking site Facebook with a range of 'friend request' emails to draw them into downloading a banking Trojan, says a report by IT company Cyberoam.

`Trojan` asteroid shares Earth`s orbit

Earth is not alone in its orbit around the Sun - a small `Trojan` asteroid sits in front of our planet.