India spent Rs 500 crore on TB treatment in 2013-14

 India spent Rs 500 crore (Rs.5 billion/$81 million) in fiscal 2013-14 on the treatment of tuberculosis, including providing free medicines, Health Minister J.P. Nadda said Tuesday.

Tibetans to get US help to fight tuberculosis

 The Tibetans in exile will now get funds to fight with one of the biggest health problems, tuberculosis (TB).

Shorter treatment for TB no substitute for standard 6 month counterpart

In a new study, scientists have found that though a shortened 4 month treatment for TB could work well in subsets of TB patients, but could not taken as a substitute for current 6 month standard treatment.

Vaccines for young adults to help eliminate TB

The target to eliminate tuberculosis (TB) by 2050 is more likely to be met if new vaccines are developed for adults and adolescents and not just for infants, says a study.

Ibuprofen may lower lung inflammation

Ibuprofen may lower lung inflammation and help elderly fight tuberculosis bacteria, a new study has found.

Unregulated diagnostic centres of TB a challenge: Experts

"Unregulated" diagnostic centres mushrooming in private sector and non-qualified doctors prescribing drugs pose a big challenge to check tuberculosis in Mumbai, according to experts.

New approach in getting rid of TB discovered

 Scientists have come up with new strategies in order to beat tuberculosis.

Breathe easy with 'Lung Flute'

An Indian-origin scientist has developed a hand-held "lung flute" that allows patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to clear lung mucus simply by blowing into the respiratory device.

DNA sequencing method to improve TB diagnosis

Detecting and characterising the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) could be a lot easier as researchers have developed a new diagnosis approach that relies on direct sequencing of DNA extracted from sputum (a technique called metagenomics).

Test results show Chopin's heart in good shape

The heart of late Polish composer Frederic Chopin, which was buried in the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw, is in good condition, scientists have confirmed.

Diabetes epidemic may hamper TB control in low and middle-income countries

A new study has revealed that the rapid increase in rates of type 2 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries where tuberculosis (TB) is endemic could hamper global efforts to control and eliminate TB.

Seals may have spread tuberculosis to humans: Study

In a bizarre turn of events, research shows that tuberculosis likely spread from humans in Africa to seals and sea lions that brought the disease to South America.

New vaccine offers protection against tuberculosis, leprosy

In a breakthrough, US researchers have found that an improved tuberculosis vaccine can offer strong protection against leprosy.

Low risk of Ebola transmission in air travel: WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reiterated Thursday that the risk of transmission of Ebola virus during air travel remains low.

How most vital TB drug attacks its target revealed

A new study has provided a better insight into the mechanism behind the key medication of tuberculosis (TB) attacking the dormant TB bacteria in order to shorten treatment.

Need to address drug-resistant TB cases in India: Health Secy

India accounts for nearly one-fourth of global incidence of tuberculosis and public health officials here are working on finding a cure for drug-resistant tuberculosis, Union Health Secretary Luv Verma today said.

`Revolutionary` antibiotics to tackle TB

Why mycobacteria - a family that includes the microbe that causes tuberculosis (TB) - survive oxygen limitation has long been a mystery but not any more. A discovery could lead to a revolutionary class of antibiotics to tackle TB.

40,855 HIV positive cases in Manipur

The overall detection of HIV positive cases in Manipur rose from 25,919 in March 2007 to 40,855 in March 2012, indicating the serious magnitude in the state, according to a copy of the CAG report.

The 6 rollout strategies that can battle India`s TB epidemic revealed

A new study has explored the impact of six different rollout strategies by developing a mathematical model of tuberculosis (TB) transmission, care-seeking and diagnostic and treatment practices in India.

Health experts ask for `cautious` approach to new promising TB drug

Health experts have revealed that the new drug-resistant tuberculosis shows promise, however it should be approached with caution.