Turkey pushes for more than 'dropping tons of bombs' on IS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pressed the West on Wednesday to find a long-term solution to crises in Syria and Iraq, saying dropping "tons of bombs" on Islamic State militants would only provide temporary respite.

Backed by strikes, Kurds battle to defend key Syria town

 Kurdish fighters backed by US-led coalition air strikes were locked in a fierce battle Wednesday to prevent a key Syrian border town from falling into the hands of jihadists.

IS fighters near Turkish border, despite US air strikes

 Islamic State fighters were closing in Wednesday on a key Syrian town near the Turkish border, despite multiple US air strikes, as the Pentagon cautioned it "cannot bomb the militants into obscurity".

Turkey says IS advancing on Syria exclave

Turkey on Tuesday said Islamic State (IS) militants were advancing on a tiny exclave considered Turkish territory in northern Syria, but insisted it was still in control of the land despite reports its guards there were encircled.

Scientists may have found 'Dracula's dungeon'
Scientists may have found 'Dracula's dungeon'

Archaeologists in Turkey believe they have unearthed dungeons that once held Dracula.

Turkey mulls joining anti-IS coalition as jihadists near border

Islamic State fighters have closed to within a few kilometres of a key Kurdish town on Syria`s border with Turkey, as Ankara mulls joining the anti-IS coalition.

Islamic State closes in on Kurdish area of Syria

Militants of the Islamic State group were closing in on a Kurdish area of Syria on the border with Turkey an advance unhindered so far by US-led coalition airstrikes, including one that struck a grain silo, killing two civilians, according to activists.

IS jihadists close in on key Syria border town

Islamic State group fighters closed in Monday to within only a few kilometres of a key Kurdish town on Syria`s border with Turkey, despite new air strikes by the US-led coalition.

Turkey deploys tanks as lawmakers to consider anti-IS action

Turkey on Monday deployed tanks and armoured vehicles to reinforce its border with Syria amid escalating Islamic State violence, as parliament is set to consider whether to authorise military action against IS jihadists.

Turkey bans tattoos, piercings in schools

Turkey's Islamic-rooted government has banned pupils from wearing tattoos or body piercings in schools, a measure denounced by opponents as oppressive and unenforceable, reports said on Sunday.

Ramkumar Ramanathan wins Antalya ITF Futures singles title
Ramkumar Ramanathan wins Antalya ITF Futures singles title

Rising Indian tennis star Ramkumar Ramanathan clinched his second ITF Future title in as many weeks with a resounding 6-3 6-0 win over Venezuela's Ricardo Rodriguez in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday.

Turkey prepared for military role in anti-IS coalition: Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey could take a military role in the coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) militants as Ankara moves to take a frontline position in the campaign, the Hurriyet daily reported Saturday.

Three police killed after ambush in Turkey's Kurdish southeast

Three Turkish police were killed after an ambush in Turkey's overwhelmingly Kurdish southeast, amid renewed strains between the authorities and rebels fighting for self-rule, reports said today.

'Islamic State militants near Syria border hit by air strikes'
'Islamic State militants near Syria border hit by air strikes'

The US-led coalition air strikes have reportedly struck Islamic State (IS) militants on Turkey border.

Britain joins US-led Iraq air strikes as Islamic State tightens siege of Syria border town
Britain joins US-led Iraq air strikes as Islamic State tightens siege of Syria border town

Lawmakers in Britain`s House of Commons voted overwhelmingly on Friday in favour of joining US-led air strikes on Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq even as the Islamic jihadists tightened their siege on a town on Syria`s border with Turkey

Three suspected jihadists detained in Malaysia

Three suspected jihadists, including an architect, have been detained in Malaysia when they were leaving the country for Turkey to join the terrorist outfit Islamic State (IS), police said on Friday.

Shells land in Turkey as Islamic State advances on Syrian border town

Islamic State fighters edged towards a strategic town on northern Syria`s border with Turkey on Friday, battling Kurdish forces and sending at least two shells into Turkish territory, witnesses said.

Turkey may do more against Islamic State, but how much uncertain

Turkey appears to be inching toward a greater role in the US-led coalition against the Islamic State after the group freed 46 Turkish hostages, but it remains unclear how far it will go to combat the militants.

Kurds accuse Turkey of backing IS militants

A Kurdish organization has accused the Turkish government of backing Islamic State militants fighting with Kurds in Syria, and suggested that could jeopardize a truce that Kurdish rebels in Turkey began in March 2013.