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76-million-year-old pig-snouted turtle found in US

76-million-year-old pig-snouted turtle found in US

The turtle discovered in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is one of the most complete skeletons of a turtle found from the age of dinosaurs.

Largest turtle breeding colony found in Atlantic

Largest turtle breeding colony found in Atlantic

Scientists have found that the Central African country of Gabon is providing an invaluable nesting ground for a vulnerable species of sea turtle considered a regional conservation priority.

Baby turtles break out of their eggshells in Odisha

Baby turtles break out of their eggshells in Odisha

Millions of baby turtles have broken out of their eggshells and crawled towards the serene seawaters off Gahirmatha coast in Odisha's Kendrapara district, marking the culmination of annual sojourn of endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles since last week.

Baby sea turtles' 'lost years' mystery unravelled

Baby sea turtles' 'lost years' mystery unravelled

Researchers have found an important new clue in the sea turtles' "lost years" mystery.

22 held for intruding into Gahirmatha marine sanctuary

In a crackdown, 22 fishermen were taken into custody on charge of unlawful fishing activity along the Gahirmatha marine sanctuary, a senior forest officer said on Friday.

No turtle poaching since 2012

The Madras High Court was on Monday informed that not a single case of poaching or killing of Olive Ridley turtle has been slapped on any fisherman in the past ten years and there has been no incident of turtle poaching off Chennai coast since 2012.

Fifth graders 3D print prosthetic leg for turtle

A team of fifth grade students in the US has 3D printed a custom-made prosthetic leg for a badly injured turtle.

Nine fishermen held for illegal fishing in Odisha

At-least nine fishermen have been held for alleged unlawful fishing activity along the Gahirmatha marine sanctuary, Forest Department Wednesday said.

Six held for fishing near turtle nesting site in Odisha

At least six fishermen were arrested for fishing near a turtle nesting site in Odisha's Kendrapada district, an official said Monday.

China hands over confiscated rare turtles to Pakistan

Chinese officials Monday handed over 204 confiscated black pond turtles to Pakistan.

72 turtles seized from Kalka Mail, 1 held

72 turtles were on Thursday recovered during a routine check of Kalka Mail at Howrah station here and one person was arrested in this connection, a Railway Police Force official said.

Turtles began living in shells much earlier than thought

Scientists have discovered that turtles started living in shells 40 million years earlier than previously thought.

Gigantic new turtle fossil discovered

Paleontologists have discovered a gigantic new species of fossil turtle that lived 60 million years ago in what is now northwestern South America.

World`s oldest animal `marriage` set for divorce!

After being together for an unfathomable 115 years, two turtles in a European zoo have gone their separate ways - refusing to share their cage anymore.

Ancient turtle as big as small car unearthed

Scientists have unearthed what they believe are the fossilised remains of a turtle the size of a small car that roamed across what is now South America some 60 million years ago.

Olive Ridley turtles start mass nesting in Odisha

The Olive Ridley sea turtles started their annual mass nesting near Rushikulya river mouth in Odisha`s Ganjam district.

Endangered turtle to be tracked in Cambodia

One of the world`s most endangered turtles has been released into a Cambodian river with a satellite transmitter attached to its shell.

Turtle faces threat from climate change

Young turtles, which developed under the highest temperature showed, reduced swimming ability and a preference for shallower waters.

Paris conservation meeting protects sharks

Fishing nations at an Atlantic conservation conference in Paris took measure to protect sea turtles and several types of sharks.

Why isn’t every day Earth Day?

It’s that time of the year again. April 22, World Earth Day. An occasion for the media to devote some cursory space for the green news of the day/week/month/year. For politicians to grow a thin green veneer and spout green rhetoric, corporations to promote their green CSR programmes, well-intentioned individuals to organise tree planting and clean up programmes, and educationists to talk about the importance of protecting our planet for the next generation.