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Flooding leaves 70 boats missing on China-Vietnam

Typhoon Son-Tinh brought strong wind and downpours, sinking six boats and causing another 70 to go missing in a China-Vietnam border river.

1 killed, 5 missing as typhoon Son-Tinh hits Chinese coast

Typhoon Son-Tinh lashed China`s southern coast on Monday, leaving one person dead and five others missing while displacing thousands of people.

Typhoon Son-Tinh batters China

Strong winds and high waves caused by typhoon Son-Tinh continued to batter the Chinese coast Sunday after killing nearly 30 people in the Philippines.

China: 80,000 relocated as Typhoon Son-Tinh hits south coast

More than 80,000 people in south China`s Hainan Province have been relocated following the arrival of Typhoon Son-Tinh.

China issues alert over typhoon Son-Tinh

China issued an orange alert over typhoon Son-Tinh which is expected to bring rainstorms and gales to the nation`s southern coastal areas.