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New tool to speed up antibiotic discovery

Antibiotic resistance is increasing at an alarming rate.

Smokers likelier to quit under strict, city-wide smoking bans

Researchers have said that completely banning tobacco use inside the home - or more broadly in the whole city - measurably boosts the odds of smokers either cutting back or quitting entirely.

Hipster or Goth: New algorithm identifies your urban tribe

Computers may soon be able to tell from your photos which "urban tribe" - hipsters, bikers, surfers or goth - you belong to, scientists say.

Californian men starting to talk like valley girls: Study

New research has shown that the American English speech variant known as uptalk, or "Valley Girl speak" is expanding to other demographic groups, including males.

How superbugs develop antibiotic resistance

A team of researchers used quantitative models of bacterial growth to discover the bizarre way by which antibiotic resistance allows bacteria to multiply in the presence of antibiotics.

How flu virus spreads infection

Researchers have shown how influenza A viruses snip through a protective mucus net to infect respiratory cells and later cut their way out to infect other cells.

Vitamin D supplements not linked to kidney stone risk

Some previous studies led to a concern that vitamin D supplementation could increase an individual`s risk of developing kidney stones.

What makes cholera toxin so deadly

Researchers have identified an underlying biochemical mechanism that helps make cholera toxin so deadly, often resulting in life-threating diarrhea.

Night sleep vital for brain to focus

Not being able to sleep at night could be costing our mind dearly, as researchers have observed difference in brain function of people saying they have insomnia and those enjoying a full night`s sleep.

Now, telescopic contact lenses that allow users to zoom in and out

A new type of contact lenses has been developed, which, when paired with special spectacles, bestow telescopic vision on the wearer.

Altering neural circuitry could lead to anorexia and bulimia

A new study suggests that the altered function of neural circuitry contributes to restricted eating in anorexia and overeating in bulimia.

Tumour-activated protein promotes cancer metastasis

Researchers have found that cancers physically alter cells in the lymphatic system to promote the spread of disease, a process called metastasis.

Common nutritional supplement may help treat unique form of autism

An international team of researchers has identified a form of autism with epilepsy that may potentially be treatable with a common nutritional supplement.

Alzheimer`s progression slower after 80

Alzheimer’s disease hits hardest among the “younger elderly” – people in their 60s and 70s.