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British spies created fake courier firm to trap terrorists

Britain's security services and police officers set up a fake courier company last year to gather evidence on terrorist suspects believed to be of Pakistani origin as part of a counter-terrorism operation.

UK court says Brexit needs parliament's approval, complicates govt plans

UK court says Brexit needs parliament's approval, complicates govt plans

The government said it would appeal against the High Court ruling and Britain's Supreme Court is expected to consider the case early next month. 

Pakistani-origin undercover reporter in prison for misleading UK court

A Pakistani-origin undercover reporter, who became infamous as the 'Fake?Sheikh' after posing as a Saudi millionaire for a series of sting operations over the years, on Friday was sentenced to 15 months in prison for tampering with court evidence.

Hyderabad Fund case: UK court rejects India's plea to dismiss Pak's claim

A UK court on Tuesday rejected India's plea to dismiss Pakistan's claim to the nearly Rs 350 crore under the Hyderabad Fund case, pushing the matter for a full trial.

Indian-origin rapist jailed for 23 years in UK

The sentencing ends an over two-year police investigation into a case which Scotland Yard detectives described as "completely unique". 

UK court says politicians don't have protection from snooping

A British court has ruled that lawmakers do not have special protection from communications-monitoring, saying a 50-year-old rule against phone tapping has no legal force.

UK court rejects Occupy London eviction challenge

Occupy London protesters braced for eviction Wednesdayafter a court ruled that local authorities can remove their four-month-old camp from outside St Paul's Cathedral.