Piers Morgan labels Swann`s retirement from cricket as `a debacle`

The UK media has said that Graeme Swann jumped before he was pushed, leaving the England side as the stress of facing a 5-0 whitewash and mounting criticism takes its toll.

Brit media says `time` for Pietersen to decide about Test future

The time has come for Kevin Pietersen to decide whether he wants to carry on playing Test cricket after he fell victim to Peter Siddle for the 10th time on Saturday, according to UK media reports.

Leveson for tougher self-regulation for `outrageous` UK media

Leveson said that the British newspaper industry had "wreaked havoc with the lives of innocent people" and "acted as if its own code, which it wrote, simply did not exist."

Cosy ties between UK press, political class: Leveson inquiry

The Leveson Inquiry is broadcast live and attracts an influential and international audience.

Cameron, top ministers to depose before press inquiry?

British PM David Cameron and seven of his top ministers will depose before the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, ethics and practices of the UK media.

Tabloid editors appear at UK media ethics inquiry

David Cameron set up the judge-led inquiry last year after evidence emerged that Murdoch`s tabloid eavesdropped.

Murdoch media settles more phone-hacking claims

Murdoch`s company previously paid millions of pounds in settlement to the family of murdered British teen Milly Dowler.

`A new Gandhi` shakes India: UK media on Anna

British media described Anna`s campaign as
"stunningly successful" but warned against creation of a Superman-like authority to check corruption.

US forces raided Pak on Qaeda hunt: UK media

According to a Guardian newspaper report, American special forces conducted multiple raids into Pak`s tribal areas.

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