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Police lawfully killed man whose death sparked UK riots: Jury

A British inquest jury concluded on Wednesday that a man who was shot dead by police in London in 2011 was lawfully killed.

Man whose death sparked UK riots was shot in `self-defence`

A police marksman said on Tuesday he was acting in self-defence when he shot a man whose death sparked rioting and looting across London and other English cities two years ago.

Millionaire`s daughter found guilty in London riot

Described as intelligent and well-educated, Johnson drove a group and allowed to
put stolen goods in her car.

UK riots: Duggans complaint upheld; cops apologise

29-year-old Duggan was shot dead on August 4 last year as armed police tried to arrest him in Tottenham.

24 Indian-origin people tried for UK riots?

The 24 Indian origin suspects included 18 who appeared
before courts in London and five in the west Midlands.

UK riots: 4 year jail term for Facebook incitement

Judge Nicholas Cooke said the terror caused by the riots was "incalculable".

‘Cameron wanted to close Internet during riots’

According to Cameron, governments must not use cyber
security as an excuse for censorship.

UK riots: Rioters came from 44 foreign countries

Nationally, police forces arrested over 4,000 people, with 2,952 suspects held in London.

Jail terms upheld for British Facebook rioters

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan were imprisoned after setting up Facebook pages calling for unrest in their home towns.

UK riots: 3 men charged in hit-and-run deaths

Three men from Birmingham aged 20, 25 and 30 have been charged, West Midlands Police have said.

Cameron to launch campaign to revive UK`s image post riots

Prime Minister David Cameron has
stepped up efforts to revive Britain`s image, tarnished due to
recent riots and lootings, among foreign tourists and business

UK announces new Metropolitan Police chief

Hogan-Howe will fill the gap left by former Met police chief Paul Stephenson and former assistant commissioner John Yates.

‘Broken prison system to blame for UK riots’

Britain`s prison population has swollen to a record high after the riots.

UK riots: Sikh to head panel to hear from communities

Rioting and arson erupted in Tottenham on August six following the shooting dead of a local man by London police.

UK riots: 11-year-old boy youngest to be sentenced

A 11-year-old boy on Wednesday became the youngest person to be sentenced for stealing a waste bin worth
50 pounds during the recent London riots.

Arrest for attempted police murder in UK riots

The Metropolitan Police say a man
has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of two cops.

Police out in force at London carnival

Police fear that Notting Hill Carnival could be marred by a repeat of this month`s riots.

There is no "moral decline" in UK: Blair

The "big" cause of the riots in England was "alienated,
disaffected youth, Blair

Parents must have right to smack children: UK MP

Parental authority had been undermined in UK by years of legislation including confusion over smacking children.

Blair warns over riot ``diagnosis``

PM Tony Blair dismissed claims that the country is in the grip of a moral decline.