Watch: Young Sikh boy takes on a bully outside UK school
Watch: Young Sikh boy takes on a bully outside UK school

A YouTube video of a young Sikh boy's brawl with a bully outside a UK school has gone viral on social media.

Violent extremist video was shown at UK school

A violent extremist video was shown to students in a Birmingham state school as part of a plot by extremists to take control of the school curriculum across the UK.

UK school fails extremism inspection

28. A secondary school at the centre of an alleged Islamist plot to take control of the curriculum of schools in Birmingham, Britain`s second largest city, will be censured for failing to combat extremist threats, a media report said.

UK school bans skirts for girls

A school in the UK has banned girls from wearing skirts as teachers believe hemlines had risen to a level that was both "impractical" and "immodest".

Boys wear skirts at UK school to protest `no shorts` rule

In a bizarre incident, a group of boys at a UK school turned up for classes in skirts to protest a `no shorts` rule despite heatwave in the country.

Indian teacher plays truant in UK school

A teacher of Indian-origin `played
truant` for two years by forging fake sick notes, but escaped
being sent to prison.