UN Council calls on Sudan to allow `mass rape` investigation

The UN Security Council on Wednesday called on Sudan to allow peacekeepers to investigate allegations of a mass rape in Darfur after Khartoum blocked access for the mission.

UN Council targets jihadists in Iraq, Syria

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on Friday aimed at weakening Islamists in Iraq and Syria with measures to choke off funding and the flow of foreign fighters.

UN Council boosts Somalia force by 4,400

UN Security Council approved a 4,400-troop boost to the African force in Somalia, taking it to more than 22,100 troops deployed to tackle resurgent Islamist militants.

Putin, Merkel agree UN Council must study Syria probe: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on Thursday on the need for the UN Security Council to study a report by UN experts on the alleged chemical attack outside Damascus, the Kremlin said.

UN Council set for Syria clash as West readies attack

The United Nations Security Council was set for a showdown over Syria on Wednesday after Britain sought authorization for Western military action that Russia called premature.

UN Council condemns Beirut car bomb

The UN Security Council has strongly condemned a car bomb attack in Beirut and raised fears about the growing spread of the Syria conflict.

Ban regrets UN council failure to speak on Syria

Permanent Security Council members Russia and China joined forces to veto a resolution condemning Syria.

UN Council takes first step on Palestinian UN bid

Israel and the United States oppose the move and consider it a step back from long-stalled peace talks.

UN Council ready to ease Libya sanctions

The UNSC is ready to release Libyan assets frozen under UN sanctions to buy humanitarian aid.

UN council highlights East Timor police `credibility` concerns

The UN Security Council extends the stay of its mission in East Timor.

Obama to chair historic UN council nuclear meeting

US President Barack Obama will chair a historic meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday that is expected to ask nations with nuclear weapons to scrap their deadly arsenals.