UN chief lauded for role in world climate efforts
UN chief lauded for role in world climate efforts

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was recognized in New York by the South-South Awards for his role in leading the world's efforts to combat climate change.

'Unfair to look at climate commitment on participation basis'

India Tuesday said it is "unfair" to question the commitment of countries on the issue of climate change on the basis of the participation of their leaders at a summit being hosted by the UN Secretary General.

PM Narendra Modi to skip UN climate summit in New York: Reports
PM Narendra Modi to skip UN climate summit in New York: Reports

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is hosting a key summit on climate change Tuesday in New York where more than 100 world leaders including US President Barack Obama will attend the meeting.

China pledges to cut carbon intensity by 45 pc by 2020
China pledges to cut carbon intensity by 45 pc by 2020

China, the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to reduce its carbon emission intensity by 40-45 per cent by 2020 from the 2005 level in a new plan unveiled just ahead of a UN climate summit in New York.

US based EcoSikh asks Sikhs to fight climate change

Ahead of the Sep 23 UN Climate Summit in New York, Washington-based environmental organisation, EcoSikh has asked Sikhs to strengthen their connection to the Sikh faith through environmentalism and expand their political voice.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon ''really wanted'' PM Modi to participate in UN climate summit
UN chief Ban Ki-moon ''really wanted'' PM Modi to participate in UN climate summit

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday said he "really wanted" Prime Minister Narendra Modi to participate in the Climate Change Summit next week at the United Nations in New York as India has a big role to play on this issue.

India likely to give lukewarm response to UN climate summit

India is likely to give a lukewarm response to the UN climate summit in New York this month as it views that it is not part of normal negotiation process being held under the aegis of UNFCCC.

BASIC countries ask developed nations to `walk the talk`

Environment Ministers of BASIC countries including India and China Friday said developed countries should "walk the talk" in addressing climate change in keeping with their historic responsibilities.

UAE to host high-level meet ahead of UN climate summit

The UAE will host a high-level meeting next month to generate momentum for the UN climate summit scheduled to be held on September 23 this year in New York.

UN summit extends talks to push for new deal on climate change

Environment ministers from more than 190 countries including India Friday extended negotiations on a final push at the UN climate summit here to lay the groundwork for a deal to tackle global warming.

India to oppose phasing out HFCs at UN Climate summit

India would strongly oppose the US and EU`s stand on the issue of phasing out refrigerant gas HFCs at the high-level ministerial talks at the UN Climate Change summit here, official sources said Wednesday.

Qatar building Quranic Garden

A unique biological garden featuring the plants mentioned in the Holy Quran is being built in Qatar, the host of the upcoming UN climate summit.

SA says pressing too much would have killed talks

Hailing the deal reached at the Durban climate conference as "historic", host South Africa today said that pressing the participating countries too hard on emission cuts would have been a "recipe for failure".

Financing battle emerges at climate change talks

International climate negotiators were at odds Tuesday on how to raise billions of dollars to help poor countries cope with global warming.

Climate negotiations open, focus on emissions cuts

The conference is seeking ways to curb ever-rising emissions of climate-changing pollution, which scientists said last week have reached record levels of concentration in the atmosphere.

UN climate summit: India seeks `EverGreen Revolution`

India sought an `EverGreen Revolution` that will trigger innovations in low-carbon technologies.

China’s PM to attend UN climate summit

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will attend the global climate change summit in Copenhagen next month, the Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday.

Denmark says 65 world leaders to attend UN climate summit

Sixty-five world leaders have said they will attend the Copenhagen climate summit in December, and several more have responded positively to invitations, Danish officials said on Sunday.

Thousands gather for worldwide climate protests

From Asia to the Americas via Europe and the Middle East, activists around the planet have protested in an effort to mobilise public opinion against global warming 50 days ahead of a crucial UN climate summit.

Book puts UN climate summit security at risk: Minister

Denmark fears that security at
the upcoming UN climate conference will be compromised by
revelations in a book by a former Danish commando, the
Politiken newspaper reported on Friday.