UN envoy stresses on acceleration of Gaza's reconstruction

The UN special coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry, visited Gaza Thursday and stressed the environment for the reconstruction of the Strip need to improve.

UN envoy holds `constructive` talks with Syria rebels

 The UN envoy to Syria held "constructive" talks with rebel groups on a plan to suspend fighting in the country`s second city of Aleppo, his spokeswoman told AFP on Tuesday.

Yemen peace deal signed in presence of UN envoy

Yemeni political rivals including Shiite rebels who have swept through the capital signed a peace accord Sunday in the presence of the UN envoy, the official Saba news agency said.

Fighting rages in Yemen capital despite UN talk of deal

 Fighting raged in the Yemeni capital on Sunday despite an announcement by the UN envoy that pro-government forces and Shiite rebels were poised to sign a deal.

Yemen clashes kill nearly 40 as UN envoy presses rebel talks

Fighting between Shiite rebels and Sunni Islamists backed by troops killed nearly 40 people outside Sanaa on Thursday, as the UN envoy huddled in the rebel stronghold to try to end Yemen's political crisis.

UN envoy plans Libya trip soon to negotiate ceasefire

The new UN special envoy to Libya plans to visit Tripoli as early as next week to seek a ceasefire between armed factions whose clashes have turned parts of the capital into a battlefield.

Damascus hails new UN envoy to Syria

The Syrian foreign ministry Wednesday hailed the appointment of Staffan de Mistura who replaced Lakhdar Brahimi as the new UN envoy to Syria.

De Mistura to succeed Brahimi as Syria envoy: Diplomats

Staffan de Mistura, a veteran Italian-Swedish diplomat who has served previously in Afghanistan and Iraq, is to become the new UN envoy to Syria, diplomats said on wednesday.

Syria welcomes UN envoy exit as peace hopes dim

Syria welcomed Wednesday the resignation of UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, as hopes for a resumption of peace talks dimmed ahead of a controversial election expected to return President Bashar al-Assad to office.

Barack Obama signs bill aimed at blocking Iran`s UN envoy

President Barack Obama has signed legislation aimed at blocking Iran`s chosen ambassador to the United Nations but says he`s only treating it as guidance.

No visa for Iran UN envoy over hostage crisis `role`: US

The United States said Tuesday it will not issue a visa to Iran`s chosen UN envoy Hamid Aboutalebi because he was involved in the 1979 hostage crisis at the US embassy in Tehran.

Iran asks UN chief to intervene in envoy row

Iran on Monday urged United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to intervene directly in a row sparked by America`s refusal to give Tehran`s chosen UN envoy a visa.

No replacement for new UN envoy: Iran

Iran does not have any replacement for its newly-proposed UN ambassador who has been denied entry visa by the US, the Iranian government said Saturday.

`No replacement for Iran`s UN envoy`

Iran`s ambassador-designate to the UN cannot be replaced, an Iranian minister said Saturday.

Russia does not want war over Ukraine: UN envoy

Moscow`s ambassador to the United Nations has told an emergency meeting of the Security Council that Russia does not want war over the Ukraine crisis.

Crimea taken off UN envoy`s travel agenda: Spokesman

A UN envoy traveling in Ukraine will not go as planned to Crimea because of logistical and security concerns, a spokesman said today, after pro-Russian militants there took control of the airport.

Make example` of C Africa lynching culprits: UN envoy

The UN envoy to the Central African Republic called Thursday on the conflict-torn country to investigate the public lynching of a suspected ex-rebel by soldiers and make an example of the culprits.

UN envoy brokers meeting between Bangladesh`s rival parties

Senior leaders of Bangladesh`s two major feuding parties today began a dialogue aimed at ending a political deadlock over upcoming general elections even as a visiting UN special envoy extended his mission by a day.

Solution to Bangladesh deadlock still possible: UN envoy

Bangladesh can end the current political deadlock on impending national elections if the feuding parties are willing to compromise in the face of continuing violence, a senior UN envoy today said.

No deal on Syrian peace talks date: UN envoy

After a rocky day of talks, diplomats failed on Tuesday to agree on a date to bring Syria`s warring sides back to the negotiating table, the UN`s top envoy for Syria said.