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South Korea hails new UN resolution on DPRK

South Korea on Wednesday hailed the adoption of a new UN Security Council resolution on North Korea, calling it the toughest and most effective in UN history.

UN approves resolution urging action against Islamic State

UN approves resolution urging action against Islamic State

The measure is the 14th terrorism-related resolution adopted yesterday by the UN's most powerful body since 1999

UN measure seeks to revive Israeli-Palestinian talks

A draft UN resolution aimed at reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace talks calls for a freeze on Jewish settlements and halting moves to prosecute Israel at the International Criminal Court.

Russian draft UN resolution calls for Syrian consent to fight ISIS

Russian draft UN resolution calls for Syrian consent to fight ISIS

Russia has presented a draft UN resolution that would strengthen the fight against terror groups like the Islamic State.

Pakistan complains to UNSC, alleges that India plans to build wall along LoC

Pakistan complains to UNSC, alleges that India plans to build wall along LoC

Introducing a new irritant into the bilateral ties, Pakistan has complained to United Nations Security Council alleging that India was building a wall along the Line of Control (LoC) in violation of the world body's resolutions.

EU `very much regrets` Russian veto of UN MH17 resolution

The EU said Thursday it regretted as a "setback" a Russian veto of a UN resolution for a tribunal to prosecute those responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine last year.

Iran says UN resolution not linked to ballistic missiles

Iran said its ballistic missile programme was not connected to the UN Security Council resolution adopted Monday that endorses its July 14 nuclear accord with world powers.

Russia submits alternative UN resolution on MH17

Russia said on Monday it has introduced an alternative UN resolution opposed to creating a tribunal that would prosecute those responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over rebel-held east Ukraine.

Yemen`s Hadi says `no negotiations` with rebels in Geneva

Yemen`s exiled president took a hard line Monday ahead of weekend peace talks in Geneva, ruling out negotiations with Iran-backed rebels and denouncing Tehran`s "dangerous" meddling in his country.

Russia pushes UN resolution calling for pause in Yemen air strikes

Russia on Saturday presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council calling for a humanitarian pause in the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen, diplomats said.

Arab states to ask UN to ease Libya arms embargo: Egypt

 Arab states will on Wednesday seek a UN resolution to end an embargo on weapon sales to Libya`s internationally recognised government, Egypt`s foreign ministry said.

Hamas blasts Abbas over failed UN bid: Spokesman

The Islamist Hamas movement denounced Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Wednesday for "failure" to push through a UN resolution setting an end date for the Israeli occupation. 

Arabs discuss UN resolution to end Israel's occupation

Arab ambassadors met on Monday to discuss Palestinian amendments to a UN resolution that would call for an end to Israel's occupation within three years, a move vehemently opposed by Israel.

Palestinians seek to move forward on UN resolution

Palestinian envoys pressed on with changes to a draft UN resolution on statehood Monday and their amended text could be put to a vote at the Security Council this week

Palestinians present UN resolution on final peace deal

The Palestinians on Wednesday presented a draft UN resolution laying out terms for a final peace deal with Israel but sought to avoid a clash with the United States by saying they were open to negotiations on the text.

Palestinians to press ahead with UN resolution

The Palestinians will press ahead Wednesday with a draft resolution at the UN Security Council despite warnings the United States is likely to back its Israeli ally by vetoing the measure.

John Kerry to meet Palestinian negotiator in London talks

Top US diplomat John Kerry meets chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat Tuesday hoping to avert a diplomatic crisis over a UN bid to force Israel to withdraw from Palestinian land.

Palestinians seek UN resolution on Israeli withdrawal

The Palestinians are seeking a UN resolution by year-end that would set a timetable for Israel's withdrawal from occupied Palestinian territory, chief negotiator Saeb Erakat has said.

EU counters move to weaken UN resolution on North Korea

 The European Union on Friday presented changes to a UN resolution condemning North Korea`s rights records in a bid to counter a push by Cuba to water down the measure ahead of a vote next week.

US open to new Gaza resolution if it helps truce

The United States is open to a new UN resolution on Gaza but only if it contributes to sustaining the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, the US envoy to the United Nations said.