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US Army becoming stronger than ever: Trump

"Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!," the President tweeted on Sunday.

More Sikhs now planning to join US Army after new rule

Sikhs in America are now planning to join the US Army in large numbers after it issues a new regulation on religious liberty to accommodate people who sport turbans and beards for religious reasons.

Dallas police chief says armed civilians in Texas "increasingly challenging"

The Dallas police chief stepped into America's fierce gun-rights debate on Monday when he said Texas state laws allowing civilians to carry firearms openly, as some did during a protest where five officers were killed, presented a growing law enforcement challenge.

US Army captain helps foil Denmark school attack plot

 A US Army captain in Iraq helped crack a plot to bomb a Danish school after gleaning crucial details from documents recovered from extremists, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

US Army approves 22 women officer candidates for possible combat units

US Army approves 22 women officer candidates for possible combat units

Twenty-two women currently training to become US Army officers will be allowed to enter the service as second lieutenants in the infantry and armor branches under historic new rules that allow women to serve in combat jobs, the Army said on Friday.

US Army allows Sikh soldier to keep beard - for now

Granting a rare religious accommodation to an active-duty combat soldier, the US Army has allowed a Sikh captain to grow his beard and wear a turban, in a move that may have far reaching implications for troops seeking to display their faith, a media report said.

Meet JLTV, US Army’s successor to the iconic Humvee

Meet JLTV, US Army’s successor to the iconic Humvee

It’s lighter, faster and provides a higher degree of protection from blasts says Oshkosh Defense, builder of the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle for the US Army.

Soon, laser weapon that shoots lightning bolts at enemy targets

The US Army’s team of scientists are developing a device that will shoot lightning bolts down laser beams to destroy its target.

Soon, ‘magic bullet’ that floats around in mid-air but won’t kill you

The US army has proposed the idea of a ‘magic bullet’, which will hang around in the air waiting for its target.

US` hypersonic weapon can hit targets in an hour

A hypersonic weapon prototype belonging to the US Army which travels at several times the speed of sound was successfully test fired on Nov 17.

US Army set for "hopping rotochut" to avoid rubble trouble

The US Army`s fleet of robots will soon be enhanced with the addition of forthcoming reconnaissance craft called the `hopping rotochute`.