Ohio man arrested for planning ISIS-inspired attack on US Capitol
Ohio man arrested for planning ISIS-inspired attack on US Capitol

An Ohio man claiming sympathy with Islamic State militants was arrested and charged on Wednesday in connection with a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol with guns and bombs, court documents disclosed. 

Anne Frank memorial tree planted at US Capitol

A sapling grown from the tree that Anne Frank wrote about while in hiding has been celebrated at the US Capitol as a "living testament" to one of the Holocaust`s most cherished victims.

US Capitol lights up for first Diwali festival

The first ever Diwali festival was celebrated at the US Congress on Wednesday amidst chanting of Vedic mantras by a Hindu priest.

Driver shot dead in car chase near US Capitol

A dramatic car chase through the streets of Washington from near the White House to the US Capitol ended in gunfire on Thursday when law enforcement officers shot and killed the driver as lawmakers and aides huddled in a lockdown.

Firing near US Capitol, one injured

Gunshots were reported near the US Capitol in Washington DC on Thursday.

Rally in Washington for immigration reform

Gang of Eight senators - four Democrats and four Republicans - announced they were close to a deal after weeks of negotiations.

Millions to witness Obama`s swearing-in at US Capitol today

US President Barack Obama will take oath again on Monday in a much crowded public inauguration on the steps of the US Capitol.

American pleads guilty in plot to blow up Pentagon

A US citizen, charged for plotting an attack on Pentagon and US Capitol, has pleaded guilty to two counts in the case.

Suspicious package closes streets around Capitol

A bomb squad is removing a suspicious pipe-like cylinder found in the street near the US Capitol.

Muslims hold prayers outside US Capitol

More than a thousand Muslim men and women on Friday gathered outside the US Capitol to hold a prayer meeting and demonstrate against prejudice against Islam.