Donald Trump set to impose tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods

Donald Trump set to impose tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods

Donald Trump has maintained that the US has a mammoth trade deficit with China but experts repeatedly warn that any action could make ordinary goods - made in China - expensive for Americans at large.

Mar 22, 2018, 22:12 PM IST

United States, Japan 'united' on pressuring North Korea: White House

During a phone call, President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe "reaffirmed that the United States-Japan Alliance stands ready to defend (against) and respond to any threat or action taken by North Korea", the White House said in a statement.

Jul 03, 2017, 11:58 AM IST

Rex Tillerson, Wang Yi in highest-level US-China meet under Donald Trump

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Friday held the highest level Sino-US meeting since the election of President Donald Trump strained ties.

Feb 17, 2017, 16:43 PM IST
US asks China to return underwater drone seized in South China Sea

US asks China to return underwater drone seized in South China Sea

This episode led to one of the tensest standoffs between Beijing and Washington in 15 years and occurred a day after the Chinese signalled that they had installed weapons along a string of disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Dec 17, 2016, 18:18 PM IST

Susan Rice urges `candour and openness` on Beijing visit

National Security Advisor Susan Rice called for "candour and openness" before talks with Chinese leaders during the highest-level US visit to Beijing since an international tribunal rejected China`s vast maritime claims.

Jul 25, 2016, 12:56 PM IST
US, China to sign Paris climate change accord on April 22

US, China to sign Paris climate change accord on April 22

In a joint statement after a meeting, President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping pledged to take concrete steps to implement the Paris agreement as early as possible.

Apr 01, 2016, 00:27 AM IST

US-China ties will help shape 21st century: John Kerry

The relationship between the United States and China is the "most consequential" in the world today, US Secretary of State John Kerry said today before a high-profile trip that includes a stop in Beijing.

Nov 04, 2014, 22:09 PM IST

US, China to intensify people-to-people exchange

The US and China have agreed to deepen cooperation and intensify people-to-people exchange to ensure a better future for bilateral ties.

Nov 22, 2013, 14:38 PM IST

US accuses China for stalling ITA negotiations in Geneva

US has accused China for holding up negotiations towards an expanded Information Technology Agreement (ITA) of the WTO in Geneva.

Jul 18, 2013, 08:34 AM IST

China protests US sanctions against its bank

China has strongly opposed tough American sanctions on a Chinese bank over its transactions with Iran, saying the move could damage Sino-US relations.

Aug 02, 2012, 17:19 PM IST

China, US firms sign deal worth $3.4 bn

Eighty-five companies from 21 Chinese cities and 20 US cities took part in the second US-China Cities Forum on Economic Cooperation and Investment from Friday to Saturday.

Jun 23, 2012, 18:54 PM IST

US-China summit must deliver real results: Hillary

Hillary Clinton urges Americans and Chinese to put aside zero-sum thinking.

Jan 15, 2011, 11:57 AM IST

Chinese military has potential to put US at risk: Robert Gates

Gates said, if Chinese considered US a declining power because of financial crisis, they were wrong.

Jan 10, 2011, 00:44 AM IST

Gates hopes to bolster US-China military dialogue

Gates is due to leave for China tomorrow for his first official visit to the country since 2007.

Jan 07, 2011, 13:41 PM IST

US-China dialogue on human rights begins

The US-China dialogue on Human Rights will discuss rule of law, religious freedom, labour rights, Internet freedom.

May 14, 2010, 14:19 PM IST

Obama tells China US wants positive relationship

Obama told China`s new ambassador Washington wanted to "further develop" a positive relationship with China, White House said in a statement on Monday.

Mar 30, 2010, 13:26 PM IST

US Dy Secy of State in China on diplomatic mission

A senior US diplomat was due in China for talks aimed at getting Sino-US relations back on track.

Mar 02, 2010, 11:25 AM IST

US-China relationship is most important and complex: US

Relationship between the US and China is one of the most important and complex relationships in the world today, a top Obama Administration official has said.

Feb 10, 2010, 09:25 AM IST

US advisory panel warns of rampant Chinese spying

A US congressional advisory panel said on Thursday that Chinese spies are aggressively stealing American secrets to use in building up Beijing`s military and economic strength.

Nov 19, 2009, 21:47 PM IST

Obama, Hu pledge to improve US-China ties

New York: US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao have pledged to work closely to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Sep 23, 2009, 09:09 AM IST

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