Obama urges Congress to stop security measures lapsing

US President Barack Obama has urged Congress to prevent key national security surveillance measures from lapsing on midnight Sunday, warning inaction could hamper counterterrorism efforts.

US House passes Iran nuclear review legislation

The US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to pass legislation giving Congress the right to review, and possibly reject, an international nuclear agreement with Iran.

Elton John appeals US Congress to support AIDS fight
Elton John appeals US Congress to support AIDS fight

Elton John has urged US Congress to strengthen the fight against AIDS and support other organizations to eradicate the disease from the roots.

Japan`s diplomatic issues in Asia: Key answers

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will become the first Japanese leader to address a joint session of the US Congress on Wednesday and his speech will be carefully analysed for what he says about Japan`s past.

In US, `comfort woman` demands apology from Japan

Korean Lee Yong-Soo was forced into sexual slavery serving Japan`s imperial army. Seventy years later, with Japan`s prime minister preparing a historic address to US Congress, she demands just one thing: an apology.

Tulsi Gabbard ties knot in vedic ceremony in Hawaii

Tulsi Gabbard, the first-ever Hindu American in the US Congress, tied the knot with cinematographer Abraham Williams in a vedic ceremony in her home state of Hawaii.

Japan PM to make `historic` US Congress address

 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will bring his message of deepening economic and security ties with Washington when he makes a landmark address to US lawmakers on April 29.

Seoul calls on Abe to address past wrongs in Congress speech

South Korea`s foreign ministry Friday called on Japan`s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to include an expression of "sincere repentance" for wartime atrocities in a historic address he is expected to make to the US Congress.

Shinzo Abe set to become first Japanese PM to address joint session of US Congress

Shinzo Abe is expected to become the first Japanese prime minister in history to address a joint session of the US Congress, crowning an April visit focused on deepening trade and military ties.

Indian-American to run for US Congress in 2016 polls

Eight French nationals filming a reality TV show were killed Monday along with two Argentine pilots when their helicopters collided in mid-air in northwestern Argentina, officials said.

Iran dismisses Netanyahu''s nuke remarks at US Congress

 Iran`s President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed the remarks by Israeli prime minister about a potential agreement, saying that his country is ready to show further transparency concerning its nuclear programme.

Longest-serving woman in US Congress announces retirement

 The Democratic Senator for Maryland, Barbara Mikulski, the woman who has served the longest in the US Congress, has announced her retirement after almost 40 years.

Half of Americans disapprove of inviting Netanyahu to address Congress

Nearly half of American voters think that US House Speaker John Boehner should not have invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address US Congress without having consulted the White House, according to a new poll released Sunday.

Netanyahu speech to US congress will harm ties with US: Rice

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s acceptance of an invitation to address the US Congress, without the blessing of the White House, is destructive to US-Israeli ties, a senior official said Tuesday.

Tulsi Gabbard to marry in April in Vedic ceremony

Tulsi Gabbard, the first ever Hindu lawmaker in the US Congress, would marry cinematographer Abraham Williams in April in a Vedic ceremony, a media report has said.

Israeli election chief puts curbs on Netanyahu speech to Congress

The head of Israel`s election commission acted on Monday to limit any pre-election boost Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may get from a March 3 speech to the US Congress, in which he will warn of the threat from Iran`s nuclear programme.

Obama seeks war authorization from Congress to fight Islamic State
Obama seeks war authorization from Congress to fight Islamic State

US President Barack Obama has sent Congress an outline for authorization to use military force in the campaign against Islamic State, a congressional aide said on Wednesday.

Obama seeks some limits on ground troops for Islamic State fight

U.S. President Barack Obama will propose to Congress on Wednesday a new three-year authorization for the use of force against Islamic State with limits on U.S. combat troops` involvement, lawmakers and congressional aides said.

Give Iran diplomacy a chance, Europeans urge Congress

Top European diplomats waded into the political fray in Washington over Iran, urging US lawmakers to hold off on new sanctions and pleading for time to allow nuclear talks to succeed.

Israel PM `welcome` to speak in US any time: Kerry

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is welcome to give a speech at "any time" in the United States, top US diplomat John Kerry said on Wednesday.