US Democrat lawmakers resort to sit-in; House erupts in chaos

US Democrat lawmakers resort to sit-in; House erupts in chaos

Seeking a vote on strict gun control laws in the wake of America's deadliest mass shooting last week that killed 49 people in Orlando, Democratic Congressmen resorted to an unprecedented sit-in inside the well of the US House of Representatives.

US Democrats point to anti-abortion rhetoric after shooting

For US Democrats, the attack carried out at a family planning center was a repercussion of virulent conservative anti-abortion rhetoric. The accusation appalls Republicans, who focus on the shooter`s mental disorders.

Ex-US governor withdraws from Democratic presidential race

Former governor of US' Rhode Island state, Lincoln Chafee announced his withdrawal from the 2016 Democratic presidential race, the media reported.

Hillary Clinton runs into rough weather over emails

Hillary Clinton runs into rough weather over emails

Democratic 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton ran into a new political storm over the use of a private server for sending official emails with reports suggesting that some emailed material contained classified information.

Joe Biden tells US Democrats nothing in Iran deal removes military option: Lawmaker

Joe Biden tells US Democrats nothing in Iran deal removes military option: Lawmaker

 US Vice President Joe Biden told Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday that nothing in the nuclear deal with Iran removes the option of military action, Representative Steve Israel said.

US Senate reaches deal on trade fast-track after setback

US senators reached a deal Wednesday that would help grant President Barack Obama authority to quickly complete a huge Pacific trade accord, one day after Democrats blocked the measure.

As Clinton eyes presidency, so does Republican Rubio

US Democrats have their 2016 presidential frontrunner in Hillary Clinton, but the Republican field remains wide open -- and it got even wider Monday, with first-term Senator Marco Rubio joining the race.

US Democrats set early presidential convention date

US Democrats will convene the week of July 25, 2016 for their national convention to nominate the person they hope will succeed Barack Obama as president, a party leader said Friday.

US budget deal clears crucial test vote in Senate

A two-year US budget deal that eases some automatic spending cuts cleared a crucial Senate test vote on Tuesday, all but assuring its passage by a simple majority later this week in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

US shutdown: Obama to meet lawmakers to end deadlock

As Washington remained locked in a political impasse for the ninth day with a looming debt default deadline, President Barack Obama invited lawmakers from both Democratic and Republican parties for meetings to discuss the crisis.

White House budget office urges agencies to prepare for possible shutdown

The White House budget office directed federal agencies on Tuesday to prepare for the possibility of a federal government shutdown should Democrats and Republicans fail to find a budget compromise by the end of September.

US Democrats push to ratify Russia nuclear pact

The treaty would restrict Russia and US to 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads.

Obama predicts tough fight for Democrats in Nov poll

Obama acknowledged on Monday that Democrats face a hard fight in holding on to their majorities in Congress in the Nov election because of uncertainty over the economy.

Ruling US Democrats’ image drop to a record low

In a worrisome indicator for the ruling Democrats, their favourable rating has dropped to a record low in a national opinion poll, suggesting that anti-incumbency sentiment is running high in the US.

Anti-Castro Cubans shift funding to US Democrats

Groups opposing Cuba`s communist regime have dramatically shifted funding toward the US Democrats since the party took control of Congress in last year`s elections, according to a study published on Monday.

Barack Obama appeals for health care votes

President Barack Obama made a last-minute personal appeal to Democrats to pass landmark health care legislation on Saturday as the House opened debate on a bill to expand coverage to millions of the uninsured.

US Democrats win approval of health bill in committee

In a triumph for Prez Obama, Democrats narrowly pushed sweeping health care legislation through a key Congressional panel committee Friday night.