Philippines, US launch joint exercises near China-claimed waters

Thousands of Philippine and US marines on Monday began military exercises close to flashpoints in the South China Sea, where Beijing is engaged in a bitter territorial with its neighbours.

US Marines headed to Chad park to fight poaching

A small team of US Marines are to head soon to Chad`s Zakouma National Park to train local forces in the fight against the poaching threatening the area`s elephant herds.

New setback in Japan`s bid to relocate US air base

Efforts to relocate a US base on Japan`s Okinawa appeared to suffer a new setback on Sunday, 17 years after they began, with the reported electoral victory of an opponent of the project.

Four US Marines killed in Southern California base

Four Marines were killed Wednesday in an accident at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, US, a press release said.

Japan to pay USD 3.1 bn to relocate US Marines

The United States and Japan said today Tokyo would pay a third of the cost of Washington pulling thousands of Marines out of Japan as it reduces its heavy military presence on Okinawa.

US court denies appeal in Iraq war murder case

The denial from the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces clears the way for the release of Lawrence Hutchins III.

Texas shootings: Two dead, five injured

Two people are dead and five injured after a gunman in Texas shot at several vehicles, apparently at random, authorities said.

Gerard Butler`s private screening for US Marines

Gerard Butler held a private screening of his upcoming film `Olympus Has Fallen` for US Marines because he wanted to make sure they had no objections.

`Flimsy cybersecurity for military magnet to US` enemies’

The US military is ‘not confident’ that its computer networks will continue to work in the event of a cyber attack from a reasonably competent enemy.

US Marines drink cobra blood in Thailand

A female US Marine drank blood of a dead cobra during a military training exercise in jungles in Thailand.

Court-martial for US marines over Taliban urination video

The charges against the marines were referred to courts-martial on Friday by Lt Gen Richard P Mills.

Polish troops find a baby girl instead of IED in Afghanistan

No other people or buildings were found within a one-mile radius, and it was unclear who had left the baby there and why.

Four NATO soldiers killed by Afghan police

In the latest so-called "green on blue" attack, four soldiers of the NATO-lead ISAF were killed Sunday by Afghan policemen.

US sends warships, Marines to Libya

The US has dispatched two warships loaded with missiles and a Marine team to beef up the security at its missions in Libya after American ambassador was killed in a violent attack on its Consulate in Benghazi.

First US Marines arrive in Australia

The deployment of Marines to northern Australia has sparked concern in China.

Arizona helicopter collision kills 7 US marines

Two US military helicopters collided over a training range in Arizona on Wednesday killing seven Marines.

`US Marines in urination video are kids, not criminals`

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry on Sunday accused the Obama administration of "over-the-top rhetoric" and "disdain for the military".

US military investigates abuse video

US Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos has appointed a general to investigate and take any action stemming from a video of abuse by four Marines.

Marine tape won`t hurt Afghanistan talks: Taliban

The Taliban has said the desecration video would not harm nascent efforts to broker peace talks.

`US Marines in desecration video identified`

Two of the four Marines seen in a video appearing to urinate on the bodies of dead Taliban have been identified, a Marine Corps official was quoted as speaking on condition of anonymity.

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