NATO supply route: US withdraws negotiating team from Pak

Pentagon said it is withdrawing its team of negotiators from Pak for a "short period of time" after having failed to secure a NATO supply route deal.

US-Pak ties `won`t be back to business as usual`

The ties between the US and Pakistan are witnessing a diplomatic thaw, said a daily.

Pakistan to say `yes to US trainers, no to drones’

The US-Pak ties have been at an all-time low since 24 Pak troops were killed in a NATO cross-border fire in November.

‘Time to side with India to cut off ISI’

Contending that US relationship with Pakistan had reached a dead end, an American lawmaker has said.

`US-Pakistan ties close to collapse`

The killing of Osama by US special troops in May reveals America`s selfishness and distrust in Pakistan, the daily said.

Another cross-border incident b/w NATO-Pak averted

The incident comes at a time when US-Pakistan relations
are severely strained after the NATO airstrike.

US suspects NATO forces lured into deadly raid

A US report says that the NATO raid might have been a result of a calculated manoeuvre by the Taliban.

`Next few weeks key to US-Pakistan ties`

Two US senators said that the coming weeks will show whether Pakistan can be a reliable ally against Islamist extremists.

No possibility of US boots on Pak ground: Hillary

Hillary Clinton stressed that there should be no misunderstanding about the necessity of action against militants.

In Pakistan, Hillary seeks strong anti-terror push

Hillary Clinton led an unusually large US delegation for two days of talks with Pakistan`s civilian, military leaders.

`US-Pak ties improving, but challenges remain`

The ties between Pakistan and US had soured following the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

US to hold Pak accountable on many issues: Hillary

Hillary Clinton said that the US had no choice but to work with Pakistan in trying to stabilise Afghanistan.

Pakistan won`t allow compromise on dignity: Khar

The US-Pakistan ties became strained over an accusation that ISI was helping the Haqqani network.

US, Pak ties likely to deteriorate: US think tank

The Stimson Centre warned that Pak may find itself reframed from a major non-NATO ally to a state sponsor of terrorism.

ISI chief in Saudi to discuss US-Pak ties

Saudi Arabia is a close ally of Pakistan and
had in the past helped it come out of several crises.

Military leaders meet to salvage US-Pakistan ties

It was the first meeting between the pair since the May 02 military raid in which US Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden.

New provinces won’t weaken Pakistan: Gilani

Pakistani PM said talks were being held with ISAF and NATO to prevent attacks on Pakistani territory from Afghanistan.

`India desperate to break US-Pak ties’

In an interview with Kamna Arora, Reza Aslan discusses difficult ties between US and Pak.

`India desperate to break US-Pak ties’

In an interview with Kamna Arora, Reza Aslan discusses difficult ties between US and Pak.

`26/11 case against ISI may harm US-Pak ties`

The American relatives of the victims and survivors of 26/11 have filed a case against ISI.