Donald Trump says US abortion laws 'set' for now

US abortion laws are set for now, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has said, reiterating that he thinks abortion is "murder" days after igniting a firestorm by suggesting women who have them should be punished.

Trump's rise is death knell for Republican establishment: Bobby Jindal

The emergence of real estate tycoon Donald Trump as Republican presidential nominee sounded the death-knell for the party establishment, Indian-American former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said.

Obama believes Americans won't elect Trump

President Barack Obama believes Americans would not elect Donald Trump as his successor as they know that there are "global consequences" of the remarks coming from presidential candidates, the White House said on Tuesday.

US Republicans blast Obama`s gun control measures

US Republicans blast Obama`s gun control measures

 President Barack Obama`s critics Tuesday savaged his gun control steps as an unlawful assault on Americans` constitutional rights, with Republican White House hopefuls pledging to immediately repeal the orders if they are elected in November.

Republican chaos as Kevin McCarthy quits US House Speaker race

Republican chaos as Kevin McCarthy quits US House Speaker race

The congenial 50-year-old Californian, who as majority leader has built connections among conservatives and moderates alike.

'Obama marching Israelis to `door of oven' by trusting Iran'

'Obama marching Israelis to `door of oven' by trusting Iran'

White House contender Mike Huckabee is warning that President Barack Obama is marching the Israelis to the "door of the oven" by signing off on the nuclear deal struck between Iran and six world powers.

Hillary Clinton runs into rough weather over emails

Hillary Clinton runs into rough weather over emails

Democratic 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton ran into a new political storm over the use of a private server for sending official emails with reports suggesting that some emailed material contained classified information.

Iran nuclear deal a 'license to kill' or 'sign of hope'?

Iran nuclear deal a 'license to kill' or 'sign of hope'?

Even as the landmark Iran nuclear deal signed by Iran and six world powers was hailed as “historic” by the United States, Tehran and the European Union, the accord drew flak from American Republicans who minced no words in branding the agreement as “unacceptable”.

Germany lashes US Republicans over Iran letter

Germany`s foreign minister hit out at US Republican senators Thursday for sending a letter to Iran over the nuclear talks, fearing it could undermine Tehran`s confidence in the negotiations at a critical juncture.


US Republicans warn Iran nuclear deal with Obama may not last

Republican US senators warned Iran`s leaders on Monday that any nuclear deal with President Barack Obama could last only as long as he remains in office, an unusual partisan intervention in foreign policy that could undermine delicate international talks with Tehran.


Republican win in runoff US Senate vote boosts majority

US Senator Mary Landrieu, one of the last standing elected Deep South Democrats, lost her bid Saturday for re-election in Louisiana, further clinching Republicans` dominance in the Senate following mid-term elections last month.

US Republicans sceptical of Obama border request

US Republicans expressed scepticism on Sunday about President Barack Obama`s emergency funding request to stem the surge of children from Central America.

Republicans slammed for delay in ambassadorial confirmations

The White House has blamed Republicans for delays in the confirmation of a long list of President Barack Obama`s ambassador picks and said this logjam is putting US national security at risk.

Republicans question US prisoner swap with Taliban

US politicians questioned whether the deal that freed Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban militants amounted to a negotiation with terrorists as the US soldier was flown out of Afghanistan to a military hospital in Germany on Sunday.

House Republicans offer to lift debt ceiling through December

Republicans in the House of Representatives on Thursday unveiled a plan that would avert a looming US default, in a sign that lawmakers may end a standoff that has rattled financial markets and thrown America's future creditworthiness into question.

US President hails Obamacare, slams `Republican shutdown`

US President Barack Obama urged them to “reopen the government” and warned that longer the shutdown stays more harm it will inflict.

US Republicans appeasing `extremists` on shutdown: Obama

US President Barack Obama has accused Republicans of pandering to the "extreme right wing" of their party and holding Americans hostage in a budget dispute threatening to shutter the government.

White House budget office urges agencies to prepare for possible shutdown

The White House budget office directed federal agencies on Tuesday to prepare for the possibility of a federal government shutdown should Democrats and Republicans fail to find a budget compromise by the end of September.

‘If babies had guns they wouldn`t be aborted’ election slogan sparks outrage in US

A US Republican provoked extreme reactions on social media sites with the inflammatory new bumper sticker released by his re-election campaign that connecting the debate over abortion with that of gun control.

Republicans giving impression they`re fighting for rich: Jindal

Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said his party leadership seems to give an impression that they are fighting for the rich.