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US-Russia plan 'may be last chance to save Syria': John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry Monday urged Syria's warring parties to observe a US-Russian brokered ceasefire and warned it could be the last chance to save the country.

`US-Russia cooperation based on interests`

Cooperation between the US and Russia was based on mutual interests regardless of who the president is, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

How threat of loose Soviet nukes was avoided

There`s an old claim about Russian
nuke scientist who perhaps went to work for Iran`s nuclear

US-Russian civilian nuclear deal enters force

Deal will allow nuclear energy joint ventures between Russian, US companies.

US got a good deal in spy swap: Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden has said America definitely got a "good deal" in the US-Russia spy swap.

US, Russia make joint appeal for nuke reduction

Days after signing a pact to reduce atomic arsenal, US & Russia launched a joint appeal to all nuclear-armed countries to build on momentum created by their deal.

US hopeful of finalising START treaty with Russia soon

With resumption of negotiations between the US & Russia on ambitious START in Geneva, the White House has said it is hopeful of finalising agreement soon.

US-Russia to resume negotiations on nuke reductions

The United States and Russia would resume negotiations on Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) from next week in Geneva, officials said today.