US-S Korea

N Korea warns war as US-S Korea began exercise

The drill focuses on preparing, preventing and prevailing against the full range of current and future external threats.

Aug 16, 2011, 15:38 PM IST

China warns against US-S Korea joint naval drills

China Friday warned against any military acts in its exclusive economic zone without its permission.

Nov 26, 2010, 21:35 PM IST

US-S Korea begin major naval exercise: Report

The US and South Korea on Sunday began a
major naval exercise in the Sea of Japan, a report said, a move which has sparked warnings of nuclear retaliation from
North Korea.

Jul 25, 2010, 19:47 PM IST

N Korea vows nuclear response to US-S Korea drills

N Korea vowed to respond with to joint US and SKorean military exercises poised to begin this weekend.

Jul 24, 2010, 17:41 PM IST