US ready to cooperate with Cuba in Ebola fight

 The US is ready to cooperate with Cuba in the international fight against Ebola in West Africa, a spokesperson for the US State Department confirmed to Spanish news agency Efe.

Not targeting Syrian government in airstrikes on militants: US

 The US reiterated Monday that it is not targeting the Syrian government in its ongoing airstrikes on the Islamic State (IS)militants.

Lanka slams US for issuing `alarmist` travel advisory

Sri Lanka today slammed the US for creating "false and alarmist" view of its internal situation and dismissed Washington`s perception about increasing anti-western sentiment in the country.

Pak yet to punish attackers of religious minorities: US report

Pakistan is yet to take steps to bring to justice those responsible for attacks against religious minorities in the country, a US State Department report has said.

Cuba protests terror designation on latest US list

Havana is protesting its continued inclusion on the US government`s latest list of "state sponsors of terrorism."

US warns of possible terrorism at Sochi, but no specific threat

The US State Department warned Americans on Friday of the potential for terrorism at the Sochi Olympics but said it was not aware of any specific threat to US citizens.

Several maids have fled homes of Indian diplomats in US?

A day before Ambassador Meera Shankar was to return home after completing her tenure in the US in 2011, her maid, without informing anyone, left her official residence.

Citing Gandhi, US launches new State Department office

Citing Mahatma Gandhi`s comparison of world`s religions to beautiful flowers, Secretary of State John Kerry has launched a new State Department office of faith-based community initiatives.

US orders citizens to leave Yemen amid Qaeda alert

The United States on Tuesday ordered Americans to leave Yemen "immediately" amid a worldwide alert linked to electronic intercepts from al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

US State Dept spent $630K for more Facebook `likes`

The New York State Department has reportedly spent a whopping 630,000 dollars on its advertising campaign aimed at garnering more ` likes` from the Facebook users.

`Bradley Manning leaked damaging classified information`

US Army Pfc Bradley Manning disclosed potentially damaging classified information in at least 117 US State Department cables he sent to WikiLeaks.

Kerry has no time slot for Pak visit at present: State Dept

The United States has said Secretary of State John Kerry very much wanted to visit Pakistan and speak with the government on wide-ranging areas of cooperation.

No US-Taliban talks scheduled: State Department

The United States has not scheduled talks with the Taliban, the State Department said today, after reports that discussions with the Afghan insurgent group could begin this week in Qatar.

US State Dept denies cover ups in prostitution probe

The US State Department has denied allegations that top officials tried to halt or delay several potentially damaging investigations into prostitutions and drugs.

Leaving state department is bittersweet: Hillary Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it is "bittersweet" leaving her post as the top American diplomat.

`Afghanistan progressing but challenges remain`

Noting that Afghanistan had made remarkable progress in the last ten years, the US Wednesday said that considerable challenges still remained in the political, security and economic spheres of the war-torn nation.

Benghazi fallout: US suspends four officials

Three State Department officials resigned under pressure on Thursday, less than a day after a damning report blamed management failures.

Fire breaks out at US State Department, 3 hurt

District of Columbia fire officials say three people were seriously injured after a fire broke out at the State Department`s headquarters in Washington.

Calls for inquest into reported Iran blogger death

A prominent press freedom group has joined the US State Department to demand Iran conduct a full investigation into the death of a jailed blogger.

US State Dept owns fleet of 192 aircraft

The US State Department has a fleet of as many as 192 aircraft that range from vintage of 1940s to 2010.