US investigators link North Korea to Sony hacking – Sources

U.S. investigators have determined that North Korea was behind a cyber attack on Sony Corp`s computers, U.S. government sources said on Wednesday.

US government warns on bug in Apple's iOS software

The US government warned iPhone and iPad users on Thursday to be on the alert for hackers who may exploit a vulnerability in Apple Inc`s iOS operating system that would enable them to steal sensitive data.

Google boss Schmidt slams 'paranoid' Assange over Govt ties accusations

Google's Eric Schmidt is infuriated with Julian Assange allegations that Google is tied to the US government when it comes to the openness of the Internet, which the WikiLeaks founder expressed in his new book 'When Google met WikiLeaks.'

US cites state secrets in civil lawsuit over Iran

The US government, citing state secrets and a threat to national security, has asked a judge to toss out a defamation lawsuit that a wealthy Greek shipping magnate brought against a nonprofit organisation seeking to thwart Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

Lawyers want Boston bombing trial delayed to Sept 2015

Lawyers defending the prime suspect in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings have requested that his trial, due to start in November, be delayed until at least September next year.

Indian-American professor convicted of defrauding students

An Indian-American professor has been convicted by a federal grand jury of defrauding the US government and students of USD 700,000 in research grants.

US releases email, tries to debunk Snowden claims

The US government released an email Thursday written by Edward Snowden, in a bid to debunk his claim that he raised concerns about mass spying programs before fleeing and engineering huge media leaks.

Edward Snowden says he was trained ``as a spy``

Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked details of massive U.S. intelligence-gathering programs, said in a U.S. TV interview he "was trained as a spy" and had worked undercover overseas for U.S. government agencies.

US government ordered to supply records of Guantanamo forced feeding

A US federal judge ordered the government Wednesday to provide the medical records and 34 videos of a Syrian hunger-striking prisoner who was forced-fed at Guantanamo.

Indian-American professor convicted of defrauding students

An Indian-American professor has been convicted by a federal grand jury of defrauding the US government and students of USD 700,000 in research grants.

Meeting on US handing over internet control inconclusive

A meeting to seek initial feedback on how the US government may hand over its stewardship of technical functions essential to the operation of internet domain system ended Thursday without concrete outcome.

US warns of toothpaste bombs on Russia flights

The US government warned American and foreign airlines that terrorists could try to place explosives disguised as toothpaste on Russia-bound flights.

Edward Snowden could use a trial to showcase spy claims

Should Edward Snowden ever return to the US, he would face criminal charges for leaking information about National Security Agency surveillance programs.

US government rapped by judge over immigrant documents

A federal judge today questioned whether the government was trying to hide or obscure something by failing to give information to a civil rights group about thousands of immigrant detainees held for long periods.

NSA`s indiscriminate spying `collapsing`: Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden wrote in a lengthy "open letter to the people of Brazil" that he`s been inspired by the global debate ignited by his release of thousands of NSA documents.

Google reveals US` `snoop-data requests` tripled in last 3 yrs

Google has reportedly said that the US government`s requests for user data increased three-fold in the last three years.

Obama brings chilling effect on journalism: Report

The US government`s aggressive prosecution of leaks and efforts to control information is having a chilling effect on journalists and government whistle-blowers, according to a report released on Thursday on US press freedoms under the Obama administration.

US govt shutdown enters 2nd week as October 17 deadline nears

The White House and the Democratic party leadership in the Congress, by late last night, were appeared to be working towards to convince the Republican party to agree to a long-term USD 1 trillion debt-limit increase.

Fort Hood trial cost government about USD 5 million

Records show the US government spent nearly USD 5 million to court-martial and convict an Army psychiatrist in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage.

US government shutdown a moment of politics: John Kerry

The shutdown of the US government is a "momentary episode" and does not change the US commitment to Asia or elsewhere, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.