Blacklisted Singapore shipping firm denies arms link to North Korea

A Singapore shipping firm blacklisted by the US government for allegedly supporting illicit arms shipments into North Korea strongly denied the allegation Friday and vowed to clear its name.

Data hacked from US government dates back to 1985: Official

Data stolen from U.S. government computers by suspected Chinese hackers included security clearance information and background checks dating back three decades, U.S. officials said on Friday, underlining the scope of one of the largest known cyber attacks on federal networks.

US says data on 4 million government staff hacked

The US government on Thursday admitted hackers accessed the personal data of at least four million current and former federal employees, in a vast cyber-attack suspected to have originated in China.

Former US govt employee `tried to sell nuclear secrets`

 A former Department of Energy employee has been indicted after attempting to hack agency computers to steal and then sell nuclear secrets to Iran, China and Venezuela, US officials said Friday.

Inflight entertainment exposes airliners to hackers: US report

Hackers could exploit inflight entertainment systems to fatally sabotage the cockpit electronics of a new generation of airliners connected to the Internet, a US government report warns.

US government blocks Armstrong-Landis settlement
US government blocks Armstrong-Landis settlement

 The US government has successfully blocked Floyd Landis`s proposed settlement with associates of feuding former team-mate Lance Armstrong, a federal judge nixing the $600,000 deal on Thursday.

Venezuela prepared for potential US oil sanctions: Minister

Venezuela's oil minister said on Thursday that the OPEC nation has a fallback plan in place in case the US decides to impose sanctions on its crude exports.

NSA chief declines comment on spyware reports, says programs lawful

The head of the National Security Agency refused to comment on Monday on reports that the US government implants spyware on computer hard drives for surveillance purposes, saying "we fully comply with the law."

Cholesterol `no longer a concern,` US advisory group says

A warning against eating foods high in cholesterol is no longer included in the US government`s draft dietary guidelines for Americans, representing a major shift in policy, officials said Thursday.

'Banned' Jamaat-ud-Dawa group thrives in Pakistan

It is listed as a terror outfit by the UN and its chief has a USD 10 million US government bounty against him, but Jamaat-ud-Dawa operates freely across Pakistan, testing Islamabad's new resolve to tackle militancy.

US airlines received over 50 bomb threats in 10 days: Report

 US airlines have registered more than 50 bomb threats over the past 10 days, FBI sources have told the CNN television network.

US airlines received over 50 bomb threats in 10 days: Report

 US airlines have registered more than 50 bomb threats over the past 10 days, FBI sources have told the CNN television network.

Victims of Bhopal gas tragedy appeal to US President Obama for justice

Survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy have appealed to US President Barack Obama to help bring guilty to book and secure justice for them.

Muslim American gets $385,000 compensation for arrest

 A Muslim American man held two weeks without charge after the 9/11 attacks will get $385,000 compensation from the US government and an FBI agent, a rights group said Friday.

US embassy urges Haiti to resolve political crisis

The US embassy in Haiti urged the Caribbean country`s politicians Sunday to find a solution to the political crisis that will soon see its parliament`s mandate end, leaving a perilous political vacuum.

US investigators link North Korea to Sony hacking – Sources

U.S. investigators have determined that North Korea was behind a cyber attack on Sony Corp`s computers, U.S. government sources said on Wednesday.

US government warns on bug in Apple's iOS software

The US government warned iPhone and iPad users on Thursday to be on the alert for hackers who may exploit a vulnerability in Apple Inc`s iOS operating system that would enable them to steal sensitive data.

Google boss Schmidt slams 'paranoid' Assange over Govt ties accusations

Google's Eric Schmidt is infuriated with Julian Assange allegations that Google is tied to the US government when it comes to the openness of the Internet, which the WikiLeaks founder expressed in his new book 'When Google met WikiLeaks.'