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Obama renews call for gun control, Haley seeks death for shooter

Obama renews call for gun control, Haley seeks death for shooter

 US President Barack Obama made another call for gun control as South Carolina`s Indian American Governor Nikki Haley sought death penalty for the white young man who gunned down nine people at a historic black church.

Most Americans support background checks on gun buyers: Poll

A strong majority of Americans not only support requiring background checks for all gun purchases, but also support requiring gun sellers to keep a record of their sales, a new poll has found.

Impassioned Obama rebukes Republicans over gun reforms

Even as prospects of the US Congress approving the gun control legislation look dubious, President Barack Obama on Monday slammed Republicans for trying to stall gun reforms.

Man goes on shooting rampage in California, 3 killed

Melvin Lee Edwards pulled up to a stop sign near a busy off-ramp.

Giffords group starts airing gun-control TV ad

A former Arizona Congresswoman who survived being shot in the head is taking to the airwaves in hopes of persuading Congress to approve gun-control measures.

Get weapons of war off the streets: Obama

Obama said there is broad agreement among Americans on "common-sense steps" as requiring universal background checks.

Sikh community in US seeks gun-control measures

A Sikh group has urged communities of all faiths to observe Feb 5, marking six months of the Aug 5 shooting at a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek.

Biden hints at universal background checks on gun control

US Vice President Joe Biden has hinted at launching background checks and restricting high-capacity magazines to check the gun menace.

Gabrielle Giffords raises pitch for US gun control

Gabrielle Giffords, who was injured in a mass shooting, has launched a high-profile campaign against gun violence in America.