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US media face Muslim anger over student murder coverage

The murder of three Muslim students in the United States has sparked accusations in the Arab world of double standards by American media in their coverage of the attack.

In India visit, US media sees geopolitical implications

Taking a generally positive view of US President Barack Obama's India visit, the US media has suggested that his personal chemistry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi had opened a new chapter in India-US relations.

N-deal dominates US media coverage of Obama's India trip

The "breakthrough" achieved by US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the civil nuclear deal, six years after it was signed, dominated American media coverage of Obama's unprecedented second India visit.

Detained Radio Liberty journalists questioned in Azerbaijan

Police in Azerbaijan have detained a dozen journalists working for US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty amid an ongoing crackdown on the outlet that has been criticised by Washington and rights groups.

'Rock star' Modi makes a big splash in US media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rock star like reception by a rapturous Indian-American community at Madison Square Garden made quite a splash in the US media too ahead of his summit Monday with President Barack Obama.

Nude photos of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens leaked
Nude photos of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens leaked

More nude celebrity photos, purportedly including reality star Kim Kardashian, circulated social media Saturday, in what appeared to be the second massive hacking-related leak in less than a month, US media reported.

BKS Iyengar - one of the greatest yoga gurus: US media

Mainstream American media and yoga experts have mourned the loss of BKS Iyengar, calling him one of the greatest yoga gurus who was instrumental in bringing the physical and spiritual exercise to West.

Election presents an opportunity for India-US reset: US media

As India began the month long exercise to elect a new government, the US media suggested that India`s next prime minister would have an opportunity to start afresh with the US after their recent tensions.

Indian elections in the eyes of US media

The US media looks at India`s upcoming general elections as an "insanely huge and complex exercise" to "one of the most significant elections in decades" that will put "more power in the hands and thumbs of the Indian voter than ever before".

Diplomat arrest row: India has overreacted to Devyani`s arrest, says US media

The American media, which demanded action by the Obama Administration when a junior consular staff was detained in Lahore for killing two men, has attacked the Indian government for siding with its diplomat after her arrest and ill-treatment.

Hackers who hit US media are back: Experts

The hackers who penetrated the computer network of The New York Times last year have resurfaced with an attack on "an organisation involved in shaping economic policy," experts warned.

Indian gang-rape story gets prominence in US media

The life and death struggle of an Indian woman, whose gang-rape aboard a bus in New Delhi ten days ago spawned days of mass protests across India, was covered prominently by the American media.

US media credit Obama victory to campaign strategy

American media greeted Barack Obama`s re-election as president by giving credit to his team`s campaign strategy.

Agni-V places India on a footing with China: US media

India`s successful launch of Agni V heightens fears of an Asian arms race, US media reports said.

Pak leaders need to lower their rhetoric: US media

In the aftermath of the NATO air strike that killed 24 soldiers, a leading US
daily Tuesday warned top Pakistani leaders to lower their rhetoric before things get out of control.

Olivia Wilde blasts US media for focusing on celebs

Olivia Wilde has slammed the US media for ignoring global problems and focusing on gossip about reality TV celebrities.

`Mumbai blasts bear all markings of LeT`

The US media has pointed out that the latest attacks in India`s financial hub had all the markings of LeT which also carried out the 2008 terror strikes there.

Clinton gets cool reception in Pakistan: US media

US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton received a cool welcome in Pakistan on her recent
trip, mainstream American media reported Saturday adding this is
reflection of the low-ebb in relationship between the two

Cuba criticises Obama, US media

An opinion piece criticised US President for supporting dissidents on Cuba.

`N-bill to bring in more investment in India`

The US media Thursday said the smooth passage of the N-bill in LS would bring in more foreign investment in India`s crucial atomic energy sector.