Slovakia says freed Guantanamo inmates `pose no risk`

The Guantanamo Bay prisoners released to Slovakia as part of efforts to empty the controversial US military detention centre pose no security risk, the Slovak interior ministry said Friday.

Dutch re-arrest Qaeda suspect for US extradition

 Dutch authorities have re-arrested a Dutch-Pakistani al Qaeda suspect wanted by the United States, saying on Friday that all obstacles in his long-running extradition case had been cleared.

US bombs al Qaeda offshoot Khorasan for third time: Military

 American aircraft bombed the Khorasan group in Syria on Thursday, in the third attack on the Al-Qaeda offshoot since early August, the US military`s Central Command said.

Pentagon can't confirm fate of Islamic State leader

The US military can not confirm reports that the Islamic State group leader may have been struck in an airstrike, but a Pentagon official suggested on Monday that lower-level figures may have been hit.

Coalition planes strike IS leaders near Mosul: US

Coalition forces launched airstrikes targeting Islamic State leaders near their northern Iraqi hub of Mosul, the US military said Saturday, without confirming whether the group`s chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed.

Pentagon isolates soldiers over Ebola fears, nurse freed from N.J. quarantine

The U.S. military was isolating personnel returning from their mission to help West African countries curb Ebola even though they showed no sign of infection and a nurse who treated patients in Sierra Leone was released on Monday to go to her home state after New Jersey forced her into quarantine.

Fresh US-led airstrikes hit IS targets in Syria,Iraq: Pentagon

The Pentagon confirmed today a fresh round of air strikes by the US military and coalition partners against Islamic State group targets in Syria and Iraq.

US Ebola ''czar'' to start work; military team begins training

The new US Ebola "czar" starts work on Wednesday and a military medical team begins training as the Obama administration ramps up its response to the potential spread of the virus in the United States.

US aids Kurdish fighters with weapons as battle for Kobane continues
US aids Kurdish fighters with weapons as battle for Kobane continues

In a boost to Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State (IS) militants in Kobane, the US on Monday dropped key supplies including weapons, ammunitions and medical aid.

US, Saudi warplanes target Islamic State jihadists around Syria border
US, Saudi warplanes target Islamic State jihadists around Syria border

US and Saudi warplanes carried out eight air strikes in Syria on Monday, mainly targeting Islamic State jihadists fighting for a key border town, the US military said.

US military reports six airstrikes against Islamic State near Kobani

The US military said six airstrikes targeting Islamic State had struck the militant group near the Syrian Kurdish border town of Kobani on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Clinton says military action in Iraq is essential

Hillary Rodham Clinton says military action against Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria is "essential" and the US would turn away from the threat "at our peril."

Marine dead believed to be first US casualty in IS campaign

The US may have suffered its first military casualty in operations against IS militants in Iraq and Syria when a Marine was lost at sea in the Persian Gulf.

US military has large force arrayed across Mideast

 Having expanded its air war against Islamic State jihadists into Syria, the US military can draw on a vast arsenal of aircraft, troops and hardware across the Middle East. 

Jihadists using US arms in Syria: Study

Islamic State (IS) jihadists appear to be using captured US military issue arms and weapons supplied to moderate rebels in Syria by Saudi Arabia, according to a report published on Monday.

US air strike in Somalia targeting Shebab leader: Government

US military forces launched air strikes against the leader of Somalia`s al Qaeda-linked Shebab, the government said Tuesday, but gave no details if the attack was successful.

US military conducts airstrikes near Mosul Dam, Irbil

The US military has conducted air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) near Irbil and Iraq`s largest dam in an effort to help Kurdish forces retake it from violent extremists.

Putin igniting dangerous nationalist fervour: US general

Russian President Vladimir Putin`s military intervention in Ukraine is fanning nationalist sentiments that could spread across the region with dangerous, unpredictable consequences, the US military`s top officer has said.

US military ties with Egypt trump rights concerns

The United States may claim to be appalled by Egypt`s human rights record, but its 35-year-old military alliance with the most populous Arab power remains sacred.

US says military advisors given protection by Iraq

The White House said Monday that the American troops to be sent to Iraq as advisors to make an assessment of how best to help cope with Islamic militants have been offered protection by the Arab country.