US Democrats set early presidential convention date

US Democrats will convene the week of July 25, 2016 for their national convention to nominate the person they hope will succeed Barack Obama as president, a party leader said Friday.

`Hillary Clinton biggest Democratic threat in 2016 presidential bid`

Republicans see former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as their biggestDemocratic threat in the 2016 presidential race, a GOP strategist has said.

Romney`s failed 2012 presidential bid subject matter of two new books

Defeated US presidential election candidate Mitt Romney has given interviews to the authors of two forthcoming books about the 2012 campaign.

You’ve been a wonderful partner: Obama to PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday called up US President Barack Obama to congratulate him on his re-election.

`Election Watch` programmes in 3 states by US consulate

The US Consulate General here Wednesday hosted `Election Watch` programmes in three Southern cities for the Indian guests.

Ami Bera becomes first Hindu to enter US House

Dr Ami Bera was on the cusp of creating history by becoming only the third Indian-American ever to be elected to the US House of Representatives.

Romney maintaining small lead over Obama: Polls

Romney is maintaining a small lead over incumbent Obama who still has a "narrow advantage" in key battle ground states, according to opinion polls.

Romney backer suggests race in Obama endorsement

A top adviser to US presidential candidate Mitt Romney backed away from his suggestion that fellow Republican.

Obama gets endorsement from Republican Colin Powell

With just days to go before the US presidential election, Barack Obama today got a boost when former secretary of state Colin Powell, a Republican, endorsed his re-election bid.

Iranian regime said to be ‘rooting’ for Obama re-election

“Many in Iran are concerned that a Republican win means war,” an engineering student from Tehran blogged on Saturday.

US students choose Obama in mock prez election

Students in US have chosen President Barack Obama as the winner of the upcoming presidential election in a mock vote.

`Mitt Romney’s post-debate bounce could be short-lived`

A Gallup Poll found that before the debate, Obama had a five-point lead over Romney.

Romney’s `47% comment` eating into his vote share

According to the report, nearly half of those aware of Romney’s comments said media was covering the statements too much.

Obama ahead of Romney in presidential elections: Poll

Romney campaign insists that they are not worried by these latest polls.

US Presidential poll: It’s Obama Vs Romney

President Barack Obama on Thursday night accepted nomination for president of the United States.

Indian American group back Romney as Prez candidate

Observing that Romney shares the vision of Indian American community for US, a political action committee of the community has endorsed his nomination.

Romney nominated as US Republican Prez candidate

The party nominated the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, as its candidate for the Presidential elections in November this year.

Bill Clinton bats for Obama in TV ad in key states

Bill Clinton batted strongly for the re-election of incumbent Barack Obama in the November presidential elections.

Obama trying to hang onto power: Romney

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said US President Barack Obama is running a campaign of "division, attack and hatred".

Indian named to Romney`s Asian American panel

From 1989-2000, Dr Akshay Desai was president of American Family and Geriatrics Care in Pennsylvania. He was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honour in 2007.