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Katy Perry credits Barack Obama’s win to `lucky panties`

Katy Perry believes that Barack Obama won the Presidential elections because of the lucky panties she gave him, according to a source.

`US headed for the closest ever presidential polls`

US President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney are in a virtual tie for the popular vote.

Hindu group in US endorses Obama

A US-based Hindu organisation has endorsed President Barack Obama in his re-election bid in this week`s polls, alleging that the Republican Party of Mitt Romney is represented by India "hate mongers".

Obama speaks about ‘faith’ in new video

The Obama campaign has quietly released a video that features the US President speaking about his faith and several faith leaders lending moral, even biblical backing to his policies.

Michelle Obama: Balancing social graces and family

She has been dubbed as "The First Lady the World`s Been Waiting For" by Vogue.

Obama, Romney offer real change to voters

Incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney have started proclaiming themselves as real harbinger of change.

Pregnancy from rape God `intended`: GOP candidate

Another Republican lawmaker has sparked off controversy with his bizarre remarks on rape, saying when a woman becomes pregnant during a rape, ‘that`s something God intended.’