Barack Obama returns to father's homeland Kenya with history, security on his mind

President Barack Obama will land in Kenya on Friday with a mission to strengthen US security and economic ties, but his personal connection to his father`s birthplace will dominate a trip that Kenyans view as a native son returning home.

Barack Obama to release new national security strategy in 2014

US President Barack Obama on Friday announced that he would release a new national security strategy, updating a similar document he issued in 2010, in which he had describe on building "strategic relationship" with India.

Afghan-US security pact unfinished a day before key Kabul debate

The text of a security pact between the United States and Afghanistan that sets out a military blueprint once Washington starts pulling out its troops after 2014 is unfinished a day before thousands of Afghan elders were due to start debating it.

US security concerns force CIA to call back some employees amid shutdown

In view of the national security, CIA has reportedly asked some employees to return to work as their absence is posing a threat.

Washington Navy Yard: Review of security procedures ordered after shooting

A review of various security procedures have been ordered in the immediate aftermath of the brazen mass shooting inside the highly secure Navy Yard in the US capital that killed 13 persons including the alleged shooter.

Barack Obama reviews national security on 9/11 anniversary

US President Barack Obama reviewed the national security of the country on the 12th anniversary 9/11 twin tower attacks of 2001.

US to close embassies on Sunday over security fears

The United States said it would close an unspecified number of embassies around the world on Sunday over security concerns.

Snowden damaged security of US: George Bush

Fugitive American intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has damaged security of the country by his actions, former US President George W Bush said on Monday.

You can`t have 100 percent privacy: Barack Obama

President Barack Obama on Friday defended the newly revealed government surveillance programmes as a small price to pay for keeping America safe from terror attacks.

Need balance between national security, media freedom: Obama

The Obama administration is in the middle of a controversy related to intrusion into the phone call records of reporters and editors of the Associated Press.

NY lawmakers shun companies doing Iran business

New York`s legislative leaders said they`ll join Florida, California in trying to dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

After WikiLeaks, US tries to guard classified data

The US government announced steps to clamp down on who can access classified information.

9/11 lawsuit blames United Airlines for lapse

A lawsuit filed in a federal court
here has pointed figures at United Airlines for security
failures during the 9/11 attacks.

New York cracks down after "credible" 9/11 threat

A manhunt was under way for two or three suspects, US officials said on condition of anonymity.

New York Guv unveils official 9/11 memorial flag

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum will sell replica flags to raise funds for museum programs.

US issues travel alert ahead of 9/11

American counter-terrorism efforts underwent a thorough overhaul after September 11, 2001.

`Osama vows no US security in final tape’

Osama warned there will be no US security before Palestinians live in security, a website reported.

Probe finds US passports still vulnerable to fraud

Undercover US agents were able to obtain passports using fake applications.

Seattle airport cleared of bomb scare

Seattle`s international airport resumed normal operations on Thursday after a bomb scare delayed flights and prompted evacuations.

US tightens no-fly rule after Shahzad`s near escape

The US has tightened its no-fly rules for airlines after Faisal Shahzad managed to pass through several layers of security.