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Uneasy detente between Def Con hackers, `feds`

There was some bridge-building, but a real rift remained on Saturday between US spy agencies and the world`s most infamous hacker gathering.

Belgian prosecutors investigate Germany over spy claims

Belgian prosecutors have launched an investigation into allegations of widespread surveillance by Germany, which is alleged to have helped the US spy on Berlin`s allies in Europe.

Joy of US missionary`s family after North Korea release

The family of Kenneth Bae welcomed the US missionary`s sudden release from North Korea on Saturday, expressing joy that the 42-year-old`s two-year ordeal was over.

Germany asks top US spy to leave the country

Germany took the dramatic step on Thursday of asking the top US intelligence official in Berlin to leave the country, following two reported cases of suspected US spying.

US shutdown forces `damaging` spy layoffs: Director

Some 70 per cent of employees in US intelligence have been furloughed in the government shutdown, the top US spy official said on Wednesday, calling the situation "damaging" to national security.

US spy revelations hurt web trust: Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg

Revelations about the US government`s secret surveillance programs has had a big impact on "trust metrics" of Internet companies like Facebook, the social network chief Mark Zuckerberg has said.

Yahoo CEO fears defying US spy demands for data could mean prison

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer on Wednesday said she feared winding up in prison for treason if she refused to comply with US spy demands for data.

US spy agency broke encryption on UN communications: Report

The US National Security Agency broke the encryption securing the United Nations` internal video conferencing at its New York headquarters, German news weekly Der Spiegel reported on Sunday, citing secret NSA documents.

Russia to consider asylum for US whistleblower

Russia would consider an asylum request from US contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked information on the US government`s monitoring of Internet use and phone records, the spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

Julian Assange calls NSA leaker Edward Snowden a ‘hero`

Snowden, a 29-year-old technology expert working for a private firm subcontracted to the National Security Agency, has gone to ground after evading a press pack.

NSA Leaker tried to join US special forces

The young contractor behind leaks exposing America`s surveillance programs tried but failed to join the US Army`s elite special forces in 2004, officials said Monday.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden disappears from Hong Kong hotel

The US spy who spilled the beans on NSA’s secret surveillance programmes, went missing from his hotel in Hong Kong, where he was ensconced since May 20, reports said Tuesday.

CIA `spy row` won`t affect ties with US: Russian senator

The detention of an alleged CIA agent in Moscow by Russian counter-intelligence will not threaten relations between Russia and the US, "the world`s two largest nuclear superpowers", a Russian senator said.

Russia`s FSB: Another alleged US spy expelled

Russian state television has aired footage provided by Russia`s security services claiming that another alleged American spy was expelled earlier this year.

Americans poke fun on social media over alleged spy arrest

It sounds like a 1960s` US television sitcom, some Americans said as social media and online journals lit up with news about the arrest in Moscow of US diplomat Ryan Fogle.

Was US diplomat Ryan Fogle seeking info on Boston suspects?

Russia on Wednesday ordered an American diplomat, who was allegedly trying to recruit a Russian officer as spy, to leave the country.

Iran says it has arrested suspected US spy

Iran`s Intelligence Ministry said
that its agents have arrested a person of Iranian origin on suspicion of spying for the US.

Taliban kill two ‘US spies’ in North Waziristan

Taliban militants have killed two men after accusing them of spying for US.

Muammar Gaddafi `will prevail’: Top US spy

The US government however reaches out to Libyan opposition with direct talks.

US spied on NATO`s top official: WikiLeaks

Cables show that US has been snooping on Rasmussen using secret sources.