Longer visas for Chinese could spur US tourism

A rule change allowing Chinese visitors to return to the US multiple times over a 10-year period is being hailed as a boon to American tourism, with the federal government predicting the economic impact could be USD 85 billion by 2021.

US shutdown prompts Germany, UK to issue ‘travel warning’

Among the first visible impacts of the US government shutdown on foreign nations, Germany and the United Kingdom issued ‘travel advisory’ for America.

US government taking steps to attract foreign visitors

The US government is taking steps to attract more foreign visitors, and is building partnerships with Disney, American Express and other tourism industry stakeholders in this regard, the White House said.

Brand USA aims to generate 1.3 mn visitors from India in 2016

Brand USA, the tourism marketing entity for promoting the US to the world, is looking at generating nearly 1.3 million arrivals from India in 2016.

US hopes to draw 100 mn visitors annually by 2021

The US government has announced a national strategy to attract 100 million international visitors annually by 2021 in a bid to boost economic growth and job creation.

78 mn Chinese expected to travel abroad this year

China is widely anticipated to overtake Germany and US to become the world's biggest source of outbound travellers by the end of this year, an official said. About 78 million Chinese are expected to travel abroad this year.

Obama orders streamlining of foreign tourist visas

President Barack Obama on Thursday ordered the streamlining of applications for foreign tourist visas, focused heavily on increasingly affluent Chinese and Brazilian visitors, in an effort to boost US tourism and create jobs.