US Navy bolsters presence in Gulf after Iran seizure

 US warships protecting American-flagged ships in the Strait of Hormuz may extend assistance to other countries` vessels, officials said Friday, after reports of Iranian forces harassing shipping.

US sends another warship to Persian Gulf

The US has sent another warship to the Persian Gulf with 1,000 marines on board as clashes between Iraqi forces and Islamic militants intensified Sunday, the media reported.

US warship leaves Black Sea as Ukraine crisis heats up

The US guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook has left the Black Sea, two weeks after it was deployed there to reassure Eastern European allies worried by the Ukraine crisis, the Navy said Friday.

Pentagon says Russian jet flies near US warship

A Russian fighter jet flew near a US warship in the Black Sea for 12 times Saturday amid rising tensions in eastern Ukraine, the Pentagon said Monday.

Russian fighter jet passes near US warship

A Russian fighter jet was engaged in "provocative action" when it repeatedly passed near a US Navy guided missile destroyer for over 90 minutes in the international waters of the Black Sea off the coast of Romania, the Pentagon claimed on Monday.

US warship threatened China`s security: State media

A US warship that was forced to manoeuvre to avoid a collision with a Chinese naval vessel had "posed a threat", state-run media said Monday, after Washington accused China of being the aggressor.

Iran mourns 1988 airliner downing by US warship

Iranians are marking the anniversary of the downing of an airliner by a US warship in the Persian Gulf two decades ago.

Iran mourns 1988 airliner downing by US warship

Iranians mourning a 23-year-old airline tragedy tossed flowers in the Gulf.

US warship in Black Sea irks Russia

Russia expressed its displeasure and concern over the arrival of a US warship in the Black Sea.

Indian-American woman captains US warship

Commander Shanti Sethi is also the first female commanding officer of a US Navy ship to visit Chennai.

Iran says it has 100 vessels for each US warship

The former naval chief for Iran`s
Revolutionary Guard said the country has set aside 100 military vessels to confront each warship from the US or any
other foreign power that might pose a threat.