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Scientists create $100 smartphone-powered 3D printer

A team of scientists in Taiwan has created a $100 smartphone-powered 3D printer that uses visible light emitted from a phone to cure the resin instead of the traditional method of using UV light or lasers, a media report said.

'Healthier' sunscreen that does not penetrate skin developed

Researchers have used nanoparticles to develop a sunscreen that does not penetrate the skin, eliminating serious health concerns associated with commercial sunblocks.

Hong Kong students develop germ-free door handle

Two high school students in Hong Kong have built a door handle that kills germs to prevent the spread of disease through hand contact.

First-ever photo of light captured behaving as both wave and particle

Researchers have recently captured the first ever photograph of light behaving as both a wave and a particle.

UV rays may damage skin hours after sun exposure

Would we need a sunscreen for the night? Yes, we might because much of the damage that ultraviolet radiation (UV) does to skin occurs hours after sun exposure, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

New ultra-sensitive sensor for improved fire safety

A new ultra-violet light detector which is 10,000 times more sensitive to UV light than a traditional zinc oxide detector could enhance fire safety in buildings, researchers report.

Sunshine may control obesity, diabetes: Study

Exposure to moderate amounts of sunshine may slow the development of obesity and diabetes, a new study suggests.

Study suggests faint galaxies illuminated early universe

A new study has found that the light from tiny galaxies more than 13 billion years ago played a larger role than previously thought in creating the conditions in the universe as we know it today.

Sunscreen alone can`t protect from skin cancer

Sunscreen alone cannot be relied upon to prevent malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, a new study has found.

Universe reached peak heat 11 billion years ago

Astronomers have identified the point where the Universe moved from heating to cooling - 11 billion years ago, when the temperature was an astonishing 13,000 degrees Celsius, hotter than the surface of the Sun.

5 health benefits of Broccoli!

Broccoli is a nutritional wonder and has a wide range of therapeutic properties associated with it. It is loaded with super-nutrients that promotes the overall health of your body.

Outdoor workers risk aggressive skin cancer

Those individuals who work outdoors with resultant sun exposure are at increased risk for non-melanoma skin cancers.

Vitamin D supplements ‘as good as` drugs at reducing BP

Vitamin D supplements could be as effective as some of the prescribed pill, when it comes to lowering blood pressure in patients diagnosed with hypertension, researchers say.

Why scorpions glow bright green under UV light

Biologists have finally unravelled why scorpions evolved to glow bright green under ultraviolet light.

‘Caffeine inhibits sunlight-induced skin cancer’

Caffeine guards against certain skin cancers at the molecular level by inhibiting a protein enzyme in the skin.