Ultraviolet light can kill pathogens in fruit

Ultraviolet light can kill pathogens in fruit

Simple and inexpensive ultraviolet light technology can kill food-borne pathogens on the surface of certain fruits such as apples and pears, scientists, including those of Indian-origin, have found.

New tech uses sunlight to purify water

New tech uses sunlight to purify water

 A new Japanese technology that uses sunlight and photocatalysts to turn polluted water into safe drinking water is being tested in India.

A plastic that breaks down on demand

A plastic that breaks down on demand

A new plastic made from natural materials that breaks down to its soluble building block molecules when exposed to ultraviolet light has been created by scientists.

How sun exposure leads to skin cancers

Connecting the dots between sun exposure and skin cancers, a study says that a genetic mutation caused by ultraviolet (UV) light is likely to be the driving force behind millions of human skin cancers.

Sunscreen that protects DNA from UV rays

Ever heard of a molecular sunscreen? It is a defence mechanism that the molecular building blocks that make up DNA mount to prevent the damage by ultraviolet rays, reveals new research.

Golden eagle not sensitive to ultraviolet light?

In what could lead to more effective conservation strategies of the golden eagle, researcher have now discovered that the raptors may have a sharper sense of smell but not as sensitive to ultraviolet light as previously thought.

LED bulbs can make your white shirt ineffective!

If you bring your white shirts under an LED bulb to see how white they are, you may not be able make any distinction, a study suggests.

Components of Venus` acidic cloud cover identified

A team of researchers used rainbow-like light phenomenon observed on Venus cloud tops to identify the components of the planet`s acidic cloud cover.

Black skin evolved in humans to dodge skin cancer: Study

Early humans may have evolved black skin to protect against a very high risk of dying from ultraviolet light (UV)-induced skin cancer.

New device can detect dangerous ultraviolet light

Scientists have developed a new device that can detect in just milliseconds a certain type of high-energy ultraviolet light which is powerful enough to break the bonds of DNA and harm living creatures.

Best ultraviolet maps of 2 nearest galaxies created

Astronomers at NASA and Pennsylvania State University have used the Swift satellite to create the most detailed ultraviolet light surveys ever of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

UV light good for veggies

Intense ultraviolet light works wonders for vegetables by boosting their size and output.