Politically-active users 'unfriend' people on Facebook

Politically-active users 'unfriend' people on Facebook

Users who unfriended others were more likely to be ideologically extreme and less supportive of free speech, says research.

Dec 02, 2015, 17:17 PM IST
Unfollow, don't Unfriend, them on Facebook

Unfollow, don't Unfriend, them on Facebook

If you have unwillingly accepted friend requests from annoying acquaintances, who occupy unnecessary space in your Facebook news feed, you could now unfollow them without unfriending them.

Nov 09, 2014, 15:43 PM IST

Filipino film highlights dangerous power of social media

A gay 15-year-old`s heartbreak and obsession with the social media make for a gripping tale of how the Internet can drive fragile minds into a dangerous world, in the Filipino film `Unfriend` shown at the Berlin film festival.

Feb 10, 2014, 03:06 AM IST

Facebook can un-friend CEO Zuckerberg `at will`

Facebook can terminate services of its chief Mark Zuckerberg at any time for any reason, or even without a reason.

Feb 12, 2012, 12:55 PM IST

`Unfriend` named word of 2009

`Unfriend` has been named the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary, chosen from a list of finalists with a tech-savvy bent.

Nov 17, 2009, 09:33 AM IST