Australians take NASA balloon for UFO

Many people in Victoria took a NASA balloon for an unidentified flying object (UFO) and one of them even called police, the Southland Times reported.

IAF scrambles Su-30MKI after spotting UFO near Amritsar border

Indian Air Force scrambled a Su-30MKI after its radars detected a slow moving unidentified flying object going towards Pakistan near Amritsar border.

Multiple UFOs sighted across California

Multiple unidentified flying objects were spotted by civilians in several cities across California, as people reported seeing strange lights in the sky on New Years morning.

Rihanna obsessed with aliens?

R&B star Rihanna has employed an unidentified flying object (UFO) watcher for 24-hour updates on extraterrestrial activity, according to a report.

Australia’s 1983 documents give evidence of UFOs

Documents prepared in 1983 have revealed that two Royal Australian Air Force Mirage fighter jets intercepted UFOs back then.

UFO crashes in Siberia?

Search teams in Russia`s Siberia region have been put on alert after witnesses said they saw an unidentified flying object crash there.