Space tourist Sarah Brightman to wear velvet-blue spacesuit

British singer Sarah Brightman will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) dressed in a velvet-blue space suit bearing the Union Jack.

New Zealanders to vote on changing Union Jack-style flag

New Zealand will hold a binding referendum in 2016 on changing the national flag, with Prime Minister John Key hoping to drop the current design featuring Britain`s Union Jack in favour of a silver fern.

Hong Kong police officer in colonial cap gaffe

As Hong Kong police trumpeted their partial clearance of another pro-democracy rally site on Friday, a senior officer made a major gaffe by donning a British colonial-era cap -- 17 years after the territory was handed back to China.

Reese Witherspoon gets Union Jack onesie from Wills-Kat as baby gift

Prince William and Duchess Kate sent Reese Witherspoon a royal gift after her son was born – a Union Jack onesie.

Helen Mirren goes nude under Union Jack

Helen Mirren left little to the imagination when she posed for a photoshoot in the buff, only wrapped in the Union Jack.