US drone completes sea-based test flight

The US Navy successfully flew its new unmanned helicopter MQ-8C Fire Scout system for the first time from the guided missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham off the Virginia coast recently.

US Navy kicked out Joe Biden`s son over cocaine use

Vice President Joe Biden`s son was discharged this year from the US Navy reserve after testing positive for cocaine, a US official confirmed to a news agency on Thursday.

At least 12 dead in shooting at Navy Yard in Washington DC

At least 12 people were killed in a shooting on Monday at the US Navy Yard in Washington, where one suspected gunman was among the dead and authorities were searching for two other possible assailants wearing military-style clothing, officials said.

US deploys aircraft carrier USS Truman to Gulf

The US Navy has deployed the USS Harry S Truman Carrier Strike Group to the Gulf region.

US Navy adds ships to boost presence in Arabian Gulf

The US Navy has decided to add three more patrol coastal ships to its force in the Arabian Gulf.

No poison found after scare at US naval mailroom

The Pentagon said a suspicious substance in a US naval mailroom near Washington turned out to be harmless.

US Navy relieves four from grounded minesweeper

Four officers of a US Navy minesweeper that ran aground on coral reef in the Philippines are being relieved of their duties.

US ready with counter provocation plan against North Korea

Amid escalating tension in the Korean peninsula, the US on Wednesday said it has devised a counter-provocation plan along with its allies to respond to North Korea`s bellicose rhetoric and provocative actions.